7 boring things about me

Playing along with Kerry, I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me.
I like to make people laugh, not laughing at me of course.
When I walk, I mainly do two things, I walk at a very fast pace and most of the time I look up.
Result? I tend to bump into signs, poles, walls, corners and people.
Just a couple of days ago, I hit my face against a corner so hard that the left cheek 
has swollen a bit, so sore that I can't sleep on that side since then.
I also cried like a lamb, which is something that I normally do when I hurt myself (third thing). Because of the fast pace I'm often prone to "freak accidents": once, in a shop I used to work in London, with the lovely Gini (fourth thing) I managed to stuck a cactus plant in my bum, it got caught on my long scarf and then landed with all the spines in my back side! the whole scene in front of a lot of people of course, it was quite embarassing, the folks there almost chocked for laughing so much! and yes, they were laughing at me.
Another time I was running up the stairs and I stuck my head inside a shelf full of shoe boxes, don't know how I did it though and again lots of people witnessed it. 
No wonder that sometimes I feel like Mr Bean (fifth thing about me).
Although I would love to be more like her or her (sixth).
But I'm quite happy to be what I am (seventh thing).
Yay , I made it!
Would you like to play along? I can't choose though.

Never complain. Never explain.
Katharine Hepburn

Thanks Kerry.


Maria said...

Alessandra ♥
So many thanks for this all You told here!
I'm happy to have get know you .
You made me think "my seven":D

Séverine said...

Thanks and take care Alessandra !

mirabellef said...

Ahahah. You made me laugh !!

Louise said...

The cactus-bum incident is extraordinary! You do not come across as a clumsy person on here, just very serene...
I like that you fall over stuff, and that you cry when hurt because I do both too, very annoying especially when you are not that badly hurt but you just cant help it! xx

Lovely World said...

This was a little story about you. I like it better than a straight list. Funny, too!

fanja said...

thank you for the funny stories Alessandra! xx

Kylie said...

Oh Alessandra! That was so funny! :)) So many things! It felt like far more than seven, such a picture was drawn ;) Love Katherine Hepburn and Tilda Swinton too! I was in a restaurant with Tilda in Paris two years ago now - she is so magestic! Thank you for sharing these things :) Kx

KERRY said...

He he! I loved reading this. Funny, refreshing...Genius!
Hope you had a super Christmas Alessandra! x

natsumi nishizumi said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
This is a lovely post!! The lights are so pretty.... !!!!

Janis said...

I walk rapidly too, though I tend to look DOWN... I also bump into things - many things. I think we should take a walk together sometime - yin and yang :^)

I like this girl you describe... xo

Lollipop said...

hi hi!
I like your 7...
and thank you SO much for your kind and sweat words...
take care sweetie.

A Merry Mishap said...

Your blog is so lovely, I enjoy it very much.


MANDY said...

I think your little 7 things answers are the best answers I have ever heard to one of these games .... so funny !!!

naa said...

you're so adorable!! And a dreamer too, huh?
I would write to you sooner but my computer
is very ill so I'm not on the web much (maybe
that's a good thing)... Have you received my
parcel yet?
Have a lovely evening tonight, best wishes and many bugs hugs from me!***