in my bag

Here's what's in my bag (quite boring I have to admit)
I always carry with me, after I got stuck in London's tube a couple of times,
some sort of lavender stuff ,very soothing in case of panic or bad odours!
Umbrella, because with the English weather you never know...
Then I have water, mobile, and camera,
a book or some knitting projects.
I usually carry two bags, a small one with the content you see pictured and a big carry all
for the rest and the shopping.

To play along: DOS Family and here


KERRY said...

I played along with this too...I'll post mine tomorrow or next week. I like that you are well prepared for bad odours (and panic)! I could do with some of that...and of course the gum!

Bohemian girl said...

I like the little grayish purse, so cute.

gbf... said...

i love the badger range....big fan! dayle

fen and ned said...

I always have a hair band with me but it's because I don't own an umbrella, important I think to tie back hair when drenched!;D
Love your purse. Happy Sunday to you too x

blue china studio said...

I like all your little purses, especially the white one. What a fun thing to play along with. Maybe I'll do this tomorrow.

Christine said...

est-ce que tu as retouvé ton ticket de métro? :)

Bon dimanche!

alessandra said...

Christine, ha ha yes it was in my bag after all!
merci...then I thought that you needed yours to go the train station!
: )
you are very kind!

mirabellef said...

Tu as de jolies pochettes.
Et je suis certaine que ton sac doit être très joli aussi.
Le truc à la lavande pour rester calme en toute circonstances, c'est Badger c'est ça ? ...mmmmmh ça m'intéresse... ;-)
J'aime bien ce jeu.
Je vais peut être jouer aussi....
(j'ai souvent 2 sacs moi aussi... ça étonne un peu les gens...;-)

la casita said...

Hi everyone, looking forward to see what's in your bag too!

Mirabellef: I don't have a bag in particular, it's almost 3 years that I use a 1970's one I bought in a charity shop for £6.50!
pas mal ; )
Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44743589@N05/4805929527/

mamacami said...

Je reviens de chez Mirabelle et j'ai bien envie de jouer aussi.

vera said...

me too :-))
love your purses

mieke willems said...

we love badger too! i have cinammon bay lip balm! it's great!