to be specific

Little bags I made (and designed) for the necklaces.

Some of the orders are on their way between today
and tomorrow, (socks will take few more days) thank you.

Séverine headband on my head.


* said...

I love the packaging you've designed!


C SATHAL said...

Tout est beau ! C'est la classe :)

Mariela said...

Beautiful, love everything, have a lovely day!, you have a beautiful blog.

la casita said...

*, thank you! x

Mariela, thank you and welcome :)

Kylie said...

Gorgeous Alessandra :) Kx

Good night, Olivia said...

Every single time I come, and every single time I leave, I'm filled up with 'ooooohhhhhh'. I hope, and I'm sure, you know what I mean. Loveliness in all its forms.
Lilli xo
Patiently waiting for my package, because those who wait for something good.... :)

la casita said...

The parcel is on your way Lilli, thank you x

Theo said...

Cool packaging, but the graphic design geek in me likes the brand (the printed K) the best.

And obviously I love the potholders in the next post.

Have a nice day!

la casita said...

Theo, thanKs!
which potholders? ;-)

Lovely Lindsay said...

i love this.
love, lindsay