Virginie of Mi-avril interview

Another talented French woman and her poetic creations, it's a pleasure to discover a bit more about her...

Who are you?
My name is Virginie. I studied interior design at the Olivier de Serres School of Applied Arts in Paris, and textile design in Lyon (France). Today I am a free lance textile designer. I draw patterns for interior design, fashion and stationery in collaboration with design studios.
I launched my own brand, Mi-avril, poetical and decorative objects for the home. 
Describe yourself in three words.
Creative, sensitive, discreet.
As a child you were? 
I was a shy child ( I still am). I loved to draw and play, especially draw...I was already creating decorative patterns.
When you wake up in the morning...? 
Waking up is not my favourite moment of the day, I’m not an early bird… but I must do it ! So, first I eat breakfast and always drink an orange juice (it's fresh and it do wake me up!), next, in my studio, I read my emails and browse some of my favourites blogs and get inspired for the day.
When you go to sleep...?
When I go to sleep I often think about my projects and sometimes I have new ideas. If I find solutions I get up to write a note so I don't forget the day after.
What inspire you?
Inspiration comes from all that is around me. I like particularly the details of the flowers and the green plants, the ranges of colours seen in the streets or the landscapes discovered during my travels...
You home is?
My home is a flat in a 1960’s building. We've been renovating it for more than one year now. I hope  we will finish the works soon. What we like the most is the view on the Pyrenees, when the sky is clear we can see them.
Tell me about your working space.
I work in the smallest room of my flat. It’s a little studio that I painted all in white to make it look bigger. On one side there's my computer to work on patterns, on the other side my sewing machine and the materials I need to create my garlands.
How do you relax?
I like to cook and test new recipes, I find it relaxing and creative.
I love to take photographs, but I would like to practice more often in everyday life.

My boyfriend and I like to leave the city during the weekends, we like to go hiking in the Pyrenees or to the seaside. It’s a way to clear our heads.
Favourite things?
My camera :)
I love meringues.. I like pudding in general.
Best place you have ever been?
In Sweden: wild camping near a lake, just us, nature and silence.
Best food you have ever tasted?
I remember a Thai restaurant in San Francisco, a delicious pizza with zucchinis in Rome and tasty cinnamon rolls in Stockholm!
And I fondly remember my grandmother’s cakes..
What's your dream?
I dream of a bigger studio where I have space for making and dyeing my own paper or printing my own fabric. And it would be a space shared with other designers to make great projects together.
Thank you Virginie.

Virginie's paper garlands and postcards will be at Knots Collective pop up shop.

*All photos by Virginie 



Paravent said...

Beautiful garlands! Lovely to read about people making in gorgeous locations too :) Thanks Alessandra. Kx

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Another great interview, with beautifu photos. An inspiring start to my fay!

fanja said...

Virginie's work is so sensitive and clever, just like her. I enjoyed the interview too, thanks Al.