and this is my point of view

Last night when I was browsing the e-shop of a
French blogger I saw she put a link to her Pinterest, 
after I did my purchase, I went browsing her Pinterest 
( to me it helps to understand more about someone, 
what she pins and how she pins). I was "happily" 
browsing when an image of my grey cloud, 
shot by Aurelie in her home, captured my attention 
as the caption was "Riazzoli" so being a curious
 person I followed the link and found that post, 
(you see the screen shot) below the picture 
she stated: " I want to make that cloud even more now
was my reaction.,not only you don't even mention 
who actually is the maker of that cloud but 
you are suggesting to your readers that my cloud 
is out there for you all to copy?
 what an ego you have and what insolence!
Now, that is exactly what put me off,  blogging, 
social media, making and sharing my stuff with 
you folks can be stressful. On first instance that 
post wouldn't has never existed if that cloud was 
never been designed and made by me more than 
four years ago! and so the photograph Aurelie took. 
On second instance did it ever occurred to you 
that these kind of statement are wrong no matter what? 
Do you ever think about how hard is to actually
 make and design something, and then do the 
photos for my posts (not borrowing from others) 
and all the hard work behind all I do/make? 
Do you? perhaps not, since all you do is browsing this
 or that and then make your post with your point of view!
Another thing that put me off is that the people who
 pinned that photo "know me" and my work yet they
 just pinned and left that caption.
as Riazzoli is more important than the fact 
that actually that is my work?! 
so what do you like more?  that post or the cloud? or Riazzoli?
I don't understand. 
Because you know me and I know few of those 
that linked that post read my blog why  didn't you tell me? 
I call this superficiality or shallowness in all its 
forms and that's why I think in most cases Pinterest sucks: 
outside the bubble is just a load of crap, and inside the 
bubble is often a collection of images badly linked or not linked at all.
Of course then there are other lifestyle/inspirational 
blogs out there that I follow and respect because they promote 
the good work of people and not exploit it only for the sake of 
their own image.
Same goes to that French and American copycats who 
actually didn't even bother to design their own cloud 
Inspiration is not stealing,when you copy you are stealing ideas, 
energy, time, money
hope and patience.
If you your blog lives on other people stuff at least link to them properly!


Bichos da Matos said...

My comment was ignored too, as I expected...And, Alessandra, I guess you're more famous then you think :-) Don't let this little, tiny people bring you down! beijos**

Laëtitia said...

Hi Alessandra, I'm sorry to read this ... another example of disrespectful people ... I totally share your point of view of course !! bises x

annton beate Schmidt said...

dear alessandra, I am with you on every single point. it happens so often. about pinterest, of course, there are people out there, using it for inspiration only. in a respectful kind of way. still, the core of the concept, is nothing I like. on the other hand, as designer & artists, we have to go out, there presenting our stuff. maybe, the best way to deal with it, is to put your fist on the table, once in a while & then go on with your work. as tough as it is. you have my back on that!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

those are the bad effects of the web share.
maybe they think there is a little chance
that you will find out the copy of your work.
the right is on your side anyways.

artycho said...

Don't let the dum and daft spoil your creativity! I share and understand both your anger and frustration! Have a nice week anyway! Sorry if this is my second comment I am not sure the first one went?!

Line+Liv said...

Send you a big hug ! never give up your dreams !
love Wiebke

steffi said...

yeah! thank you so much for your comment on all these "inspirational bloggers"! that's exactly what I feel. they get so much attention with stuff they have nothing to do with. often more than the makers themselves.

naa said...

ohh not again! I am so sock of this things and they also scare me and as you said put me off to blog about my own creations... Last week my friend found the whole e-shop of things with her design...it was on mugs, t-shirts and even flip-flops!!! It made me so mad I can't even say... she wrote them and all they did was that they removed the items from the shop (one of their users uploaded them)... but there can be many of them sold already and also the person who did this was not even punished or something... I am really angry of all the people who just use photos of others without a proper link, without any respect. I agree with you that this is so wrong... :((

Janis said...

It's so disgusting and discouraging. On one hand the internet is a great tool for craftspeople, on the other hand our creations seem to be out there for the taking. I have had this happen to me with my block prints and my line drawings. I am conflicted as to how we resolve this, if that's even possible.

Big hugs to you Alessandra, I know the feeling. Coraggio!

Keep us informed and let us know what happens. xo

Sophie Davies said...

Whilst I would totally agree credit should have been given with a click through link straight to you..

I don't agree that it is wrong to "make something for yourself" or "replicate a design" so long as it is for personal use.

Because if someone sees your idea and recreates it, it will never be the same as if you had made it and sold it to them. And there aren't doing anything wrong or illegal by "copying" your design (they would have to do a lot of guesswork as to how to make something and therefore, would probably end up with a different product anyway) for their own use.

I make jewellery and if someone sees my design and makes it for themselves, fine. If they purchase the same materials it will cost them A LOT more than if they had bought it from me directly (due to material costs). But whatever, I am fine with that - so long as someone doesn't try to say that something I designed was made by them OR copied.


la casita said...

Sophie Davies, I don't argue that, what I argue is that if you have a blog you don't suggest people to make something someone else did and ignore completely the maker. If she had any taste she would have made that cloud pillow( wich I doubt it she ever made it anyway) and keep it for herself. I do mind when people pin my stuff on their DIY pinterest folders and treat my stuff as DIY things out there to copy, they are not, if they were I would said that. When you copy something for yourself keep it for yourself don't go around banging it out loud, what is the point? i have lots of skills and I could easily make many things that makers put out there...instead I don't, I save money to buy stuff from them to SUPPORT their work.

la casita said...

Dear few, thank you all for the support!

annton beate Schmidt, yes you are right I felt the urge to bang my fist on the table, but a kick in some arses wouldn't be too bad too!

Janis, what can we do? on a second thought I don't know...but,let's remember these people that without the creative people that actually make stuff you are nothing, your blogs are nothing. It is not the opposite!

Jo in London said...

Urgh, this is why I can't stand Pinterest. As a librarian it **sses me off that there's no attribution to the original source of photos etc.
On a happier note, did you know there's an exhibition of Morandi drawings at the Estorick Collection? There's a great but long (60 min) film about him and his life showing there too. Alas I wasn't able to see it all. It was a cold afternoon and I wanted to head off to Leila's for tea!

fliss said...

You know there is only 1 cloud in my point of view. It hangs beautifully above my bed made by 'YOU'!!!!
YOU will ALWAYS be one step ahead of these copycats because You are the creative one. They are not.
I am sorry to read about the Pinterest. I thought I only had this feeling as many times people put my pieces under their board labelled "to Make".
Sending you big love and support for all you do and I LOVE how you write it as it is! BRravo!!!!!

claude blaser said...

i agree, alessandra, this is very unfair... and just like fliss, there's only one cloud (in our heart/room/life): yours!!

la casita said...

Jo, thanks I didn't know about it. I've seen few Morandi paintings and drawings in Italy they are stunning. I'll try to go.

Fliss, It's frustrating, people seems so careless and very little sympathetic. I'm not a good writer so I always stick to the facts in the best English I know! THANK YOU!xxx

Claude, thank you, big smile here and warm heart! xxx

Grace said...

I completely agree with you. I love it when people post inspirational pictures on their blog and credits, it healthily promotes both the author and the original maker. But this, this is plain irritating. This is why I don't really like Tumblr as much as I used to. You never get at least the smallest credit you deserve.

But hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. <3

CdP said...

Oh dear Alessandra , i' m so sad ..Do not give up .your clouds are unique, they are the only ones that we love!

schorlemädchen said...

Alessandra, I am with you and your point. People are getting so inconsiderate, so so annoying. Don't give up! x

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

I totally agree. Pinterest bugs me for just those reasons. It would be and could be really lovely if only people would bother to give credit to others and simply use as a source of inspiration. I design books and am so used to making sure that any images we use receive the appropriate credit, it really annoys me when people don't follow that courtesy in life.

MILLY said...

Hello I just read your post. I am not happy about Pinterest and the way people think it it fine to just take anything they like or want and put it on their boards.
They take my drawings, nobody asks me. They took my drawings from Etsy too . Some of it links back to my blog, others just says google! They have taken them off google images.
I saw my work used. I did write a post saying it is My Work, I spend a lot of time and it is not there for people to just take. I said people do not understand the word "inspire", they say I was inspired by . They should say, I copied it from this.
There I have had a good moan here too. I understand how you feel, it is not right. Sorry to hear what has happened to you.
Pinterest is just a place to copy and steal other people's ideas. I would never do Pinterest, it is not right.

Your work is lovely, only just found you.

Louise said...

Hello, I only just saw this, but please let me add my support. I don't like pinterest for this reason, and I know how you feel. I once stumbled upon a blog post in which a girl had copied one of my necklace, copying one of my original drawings in the process, and then turned it into a DIY post where she encouraged other people to do the same. I was name-checked, but it still made me mad. xx

by spielplatz said...

I'm with you.

la casita said...

Thank you ladies for your support, so sorry that some of you have experienced it too...there's probably nothing that can be done until people understand the difference between being inspired and being a copycat, but also those who collect images in public sites should be more considerate and respectful.

elnorac said...

I sympathize with your irritation over these infringements of your creativity. Do you want us to visit that woman's Facebook page and/or blog and put comments there? Or has she taken the stuff down?

On my Pinterest, I only pin from Pinterest friendly blogs, mostly tutorials that the writers want shared, and they always link directly to the blogs they came from.

Thanks for expressing yourself so beautifully and for making your work available to sell!

la casita said...

Thank you Elnorac, no, I don't ask people to write to her. I only ask to people to be fair and link to the source and think more when they have the intention to make posts, pins etc like that.

Maria Riazzoli said...


I am so sorry you feel this way. if you want I can delete the post right away. It was never my intention to steal something that was yours!! I just love the cloud I thought that I could do something similar because I didn´t know that you could buy it somewhere!?

My pictures are also copied on other blogs but I think that is kind of flattering....but that is just me...

sorry once again...

all the best
Maria Riazzoli