more little props

Remember these parcels?

They arrived to destination.
Here the props styled by Xenia and below the photos 
I took before I posted them.
In the last image Harrietta the mouse wears a lovely 
necklace that was in this tiny parcel.
Thank you Xenia, Anna and Elsa the mouse!

*A little production of props for the mouse house
 is on the making, it will be soon in my shop.

And yes, thank goodness for the "messy world wide web",
as Xenia pointed out.



You know, sometimes I start my posts with "mmmmm", 
then I add the images and only after that I write; then, 
of course I delete the mmmmm.  Because of a technical problem 
(that I was never able to solve and still can't) I have to put 
words before the images, but to me it works the opposite way,
 first come the images then the words. 
Sometimes I have no words to start with so I take time.
Anyway, all I wanted to show you today is that I'm 
sewing a top with a beautiful woven fabric I found in 
he bargain chest of a nice fabric shop, I can't wait for 
the warm weather to wear it. I want to make more clothes for
 myself and Anita. 
I've also finished a scarf and the cabled hat, because this 
winter is so cold that I needed something warmer to go out. 
I took that image of the sky only 15 minutes ago 
(in mid morning) when the thick dull grey blanket of clouds 
opened up and revealed a beautiful blue and the sunshine,
 it totally made my day.

This post started with mmmmm.


it's cold

It's cold outside. I'm knitting another cabled hat, this time is a bit thicker. 
I'm using an Aran wool from the Yorkshire region.
The ethereal garland is from Eau de Nil, I love how the light is captured 
and bounced between the disks.
I'm slowly stitching another cushion and making a new quilt.
Looking forward to meet old friends this Saturday.


Yesterday evening I've watched two films. The first one I quite like it, 
the second one I like it a lot and watched few times since it was released: 


a bunch of creatures

I'm preparing a workshop I will do in march in a wool shop in the Cambridgeshire area. 
It's an amigurumi workshop to be precise. Since it has an Easter theme,
 I decided to make some bunnies, egg cosies, birds and I'm now working 
on speckled eggs and few carrots... I can't tell you how much fun I'm having! 
it's like magic, first you have a ball of cotton and then a character is born, 
and no matter how hard I try to make them exactly the same it never happens, 
each one comes out with it's own personality!
For the egg cosy I made my own pattern and you can find it here or in my Ravelry page
for free (the pattern and the egg cosy are not for re-sale, not for business, 
for personal use only, there's a copyright on it.).
For the bunnies I used this free pattern but then I modified it slightly.
For the birds there's a free pattern here, but I didn't used it, 
instead I've guessed it and they came out fine.
If you live near Cambridge and would like to know details about the workshop 
just drop me an email.
The egg cosy will be also on sale in my shop for those who eventually 
would like to buy them.
I'm anticipating Spring time because I have enough of winter now.
Sorry winter, you last too long ;)


the birds will probably join the Circus!


blue butterfly

For me the best antidote to nuisance is to get my mind 
and my hands busy doing something that makes me happy.  
I started to play with scraps of fabrics and hand-sewn 
them together, embroidered and knotted it here and there,
as soon as I started to stitch my moodiness disappeared!

This seat pad is called "blue butterfly". 
The butterfly has been identified by different cultures as the symbol 
of the metamorphosis, the restlessness of the mind, 
major change in the course of one's own life, personality or way of thinking, 
it is the symbol of free of expression. 
I thought it's perfect to symbolize my feelings and state of mind
I like the name the ancient Greeks gave it to it: ‘psyche’.

On a more mundane note, the cushion will be for sale in my next 

shop update, I can't tell you right now when it will be, 
since here we are experiencing a second round of flu! 
this year hit us really badly.

Also please excuse my English, is not my first language 

and though I've been livng here for more than a decade I 
still find it a not so straightforward language,
sure you'll excuse me and understand me, thank you :)

Thank you for your support, it really gives me energy!



and this is my point of view

Last night when I was browsing the e-shop of a
French blogger I saw she put a link to her Pinterest, 
after I did my purchase, I went browsing her Pinterest 
( to me it helps to understand more about someone, 
what she pins and how she pins). I was "happily" 
browsing when an image of my grey cloud, 
shot by Aurelie in her home, captured my attention 
as the caption was "Riazzoli" so being a curious
 person I followed the link and found that post, 
(you see the screen shot) below the picture 
she stated: " I want to make that cloud even more now
was my reaction.,not only you don't even mention 
who actually is the maker of that cloud but 
you are suggesting to your readers that my cloud 
is out there for you all to copy?
 what an ego you have and what insolence!
Now, that is exactly what put me off,  blogging, 
social media, making and sharing my stuff with 
you folks can be stressful. On first instance that 
post wouldn't has never existed if that cloud was 
never been designed and made by me more than 
four years ago! and so the photograph Aurelie took. 
On second instance did it ever occurred to you 
that these kind of statement are wrong no matter what? 
Do you ever think about how hard is to actually
 make and design something, and then do the 
photos for my posts (not borrowing from others) 
and all the hard work behind all I do/make? 
Do you? perhaps not, since all you do is browsing this
 or that and then make your post with your point of view!
Another thing that put me off is that the people who
 pinned that photo "know me" and my work yet they
 just pinned and left that caption.
as Riazzoli is more important than the fact 
that actually that is my work?! 
so what do you like more?  that post or the cloud? or Riazzoli?
I don't understand. 
Because you know me and I know few of those 
that linked that post read my blog why  didn't you tell me? 
I call this superficiality or shallowness in all its 
forms and that's why I think in most cases Pinterest sucks: 
outside the bubble is just a load of crap, and inside the 
bubble is often a collection of images badly linked or not linked at all.
Of course then there are other lifestyle/inspirational 
blogs out there that I follow and respect because they promote 
the good work of people and not exploit it only for the sake of 
their own image.
Same goes to that French and American copycats who 
actually didn't even bother to design their own cloud 
Inspiration is not stealing,when you copy you are stealing ideas, 
energy, time, money
hope and patience.
If you your blog lives on other people stuff at least link to them properly!


ready to go

A pile of little parcels.


from Lisboa

More snail mail today! It's from Catarina.
she gave me directions on how to find her in case I'd like to visit 
I would love a trip to Lisboa very much, thank you Catarina.


a long lost cousin

Hello there,

The wonderful gift that this blog brought to me is the connection 
to like minded people, lovely real people that often live far away 
from where I live, and that connection in some cases has become friendship.
Not only that, but thanks to these incredible web of connections 
we discovered that our mouse has a long lost cousin!  
The not anymore long lost cousin was so kind to send these lovely handmade
 things for our mouse house! We are making some to send it to her too. 
Well, the truth is that us mums are making all the props for the little houses, 
it's becoming quite an obsession lately but I enjoy it so much that 
I don't mind to stay up late to work on them; it reminds me of when 
I worked as a prop designer in theatres and it fuels my imagination 
on that dream home that seems a mirage to me!


I'd like to thank you for your response in my previous post, 
it's nice to connect and know what you think, 
I didn't do it to "pressure" you, sorry if  someone felt that way. 
I asked your opinion because I sense that the way readers connect 
to blogs is changing. Perhaps there's too much information, noise, repetitiveness. 
Perhaps we are too used to the fact that bloggers will keep blogging 
no matter what, either to share inspirations, to promote themselves or to sell products,
hence we don't see the point to connect; perhaps we just don't feel that connection.
I don't know, there are many reasons why one don't feel like stop by and say hello.
I understand and accept that, only I always bear in mind that behind a blog
there's a human being who work hard (and often for free) 
to make that post. 

Thank you Xenia, and thank you all!



Random images of my cloths, crochet, crockery in my cupboard, 
snail mail received today from an island in the Mediterranean sea 
(waiting for A to open it, then I will show it to you too), 

Lately I've seen around the web quite few blog posts about 
the lack of comments and feedback from readers.
I think that if bloggers stop blogging then many other 
social media will be affected too, take Pinterest for example, 
where all those pins come from? Isn't it just nice to leave 
some words and show some love and gratitude? 
What do you think? I dread to ask, since most of the time I get no answers! ;^)
Have a good start of the week.


first finish what you have unfinished

After the snow, the ice, now the rain and gales,
definitely after 13 years in England I learnt a lot about the weather.
A loop scarf I finished. I have many things half done, 
I decided that is time to finish the unfinished. 
My mum often gave me this sound advice: 
'first finish what you have unfinished'.

The pilea Jo gave me is not a baby any more, 
she's growing and looks happy.

The quilt is almost finished, 
it has a little M embroidered because is a custom order.

I've started to work on another one.