some random images

The first and third images are from a book my mum gave me many years ago, 
a little guide on cacti and how to care for them dated 1978.
The second and fifth images are from Sheila Hicks book "weaving as metaphor", 
the book a work of art itself.
The fourth and sixth, sencha tea, because it makes me feel good to prepare and drink it .


A feature on Remodelista


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Congratulations in the feature on Remodalista, I love so many things in your beautiful home ! Thanks for opening the doors to us all ! ox

pomme said...

and what is the best advice for cactus ;) ?
happy week end!

la casita said...

The expert (in the guide book) says cacti needs plenty of air and sun to stay healthy, the lack of fresh air makes them thin and weak and prone to diseases, so I guess the best thing to do, if you have them indoor, is to put them out during summer.
happy weekend to you too >pomme