new weaving + more succulents

A new wall hanging I finished yesterday.


Crassula ovata or 'jade plant', I have it for six years now.
It was a tiny cutting when I got it, it has grown unruly as I don't cut it to shape it.
I've taken few leaves and tiny branches to propagate this one too
along with several sedum leaves and cuttings.

I've been looking for this plant (crassula umbella) for ages but never managed to find it,
sometimes when you stop searching for something you'll find it.


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WSAKE said...

wonderful - weaving and succulents:)

alessandra taccia said...

hello Anna, thank you! :-)

at swim-two-birds said...

so beautiful that jade plant!
especially love the shape
great weaving too :)

alessandra taccia said...

thank you Renilde! xx

Louise said...

I can't tell you much I admire your weavings! (and your talent with plants...)


alessandra taccia said...

thank you Louise! xx

Sanae Chita said...

I think this one that my grand parent use to have in their house, love this plant!

alessandra taccia said...

Hello Sanae, the jade plant is sucha classic! :-)

eau de nil said...

i keep coming back to look at your weaving . . .

C SATHAL said...

ton tissage est somptueux !! Comme toujours ...

agnes szucs said...

So beautiful plant!

agnes / iiiinspired / pieces-of-mine