I'm making a blanket for Anita (my daughter) and I know I need trillions of these little squares
not to mention all the threads I have to hide... I will finish it one day...eventually.

nope, it never happened!

Look at this inspiring textile exhibition at Renilde's. 

Super cute Papier Mache magazine is out with works of Gini, Elisabeth, Barbara and much much more. 
Eye candies!


naa said...

waw! This blanket will be filled with love I can see! So so beautiful!
I saw Papier Mache yesterday... it really is an eye candy!
Have a lovely evening!*

naa said...

you know what? This small pieces could also be a nice tree decoration... I am looking at one a lot today and I have to ask my mum again someday to show me how to make such. :)

alessandra said...

That could be an idea...although I made something else for the tree...I will show you. ;)

Fine Little Day said...

This looks fabolous!

OfficeTYPE said...

Those are beautiful!