I like to finish this year with a quote of one of my favourite artists, Louise Bourgeois :

"to forgive in order to forget
I do not want to re-live the past
I want to experience the present"

Happy 2010 to all!



I was looking at my photographics projects doen in the past and found these polaroids I shot,
with my friend S. as a model.
It was 2001 and I was living in London. At that time I was making lots of clothes for myself, 
so we decided to have some fun and play "fashion photo shooting".It was good...



a new house for the mouse

Christmas was quietly spent at home.
A has received a doll house.
I spent 2 months, mainly at night, assembling and decorating it.
She's very happy for this present although she realized Santa doesn't exist,
mummy is the magic fairy who makes everything.



All the clouds pillows have found a new home.


in the parcel

A very FINE tea time with the lovely presents from Elisabeth.


snail mail

I received a parcel from Elisabeth. 
Thank you Elisabeth!

patchwork blanket

The blanket I made for A when she was born, my first one ever.
I used various cotton fabric from Kaffe Fasset and Liberty,
a red and white gingham fabric for the border.



Today we woke up and we saw that the snow covered everything. 
We grabbed the sledge and went to the hill. 
We gave some grass to the horses, but one of them grabbed a 
glove of A and chewed it for a while, until she started to cry 
so loudly that he gave it back to her. 
She didn't want it back because she said it was yukki.
A fun day.


late evening

It's snowing right now!


from my window

A break from the rain



It might snow.


lost and found

One day, a long time ago, while I was walking with a friend to school in my hometown
we noticed an envelope on the ground and we picked it up.Some negative films were 
inside the envelope. So, since  we were very curious art students, 
we went into the dark room and developed them straight away.
Could you imagine how amazed we were while the images started to appear...
I'm still wondering who these people were or if they are still alive ,
who lost the envelope and where these pictures were taken...
anyway I still keep them on my bookshelf.



Et voila' le forest biscuits :-)
These cool cookie cutters are from here




We went to a local farm today to buy our little Christmas tree. 
Tomorrow we will decorate it and bake the first batch of gingerbread biscuits.
 It will follow a whirlwind of crazy baking.
That's how I like it.



Poor weather and a cold.
New tea cosy, in my shop tomorrow.


snail mail

A parcel arrived this morning,
from a friend who lives on top of a mountain.
Thank you Gini!