Today we woke up and we saw that the snow covered everything. 
We grabbed the sledge and went to the hill. 
We gave some grass to the horses, but one of them grabbed a 
glove of A and chewed it for a while, until she started to cry 
so loudly that he gave it back to her. 
She didn't want it back because she said it was yukki.
A fun day.


naa said...

sounds like a really great day! The photos are great! Anita seems so happy like a snow angel!
I spent my day indoors, writing Christmas cards, doing laundry, watching corny movies,... I think a walk would do me good now, but I think I am too lazy to do it right now. :)
hugs and kisses to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there I just found a link to your beauiful shop via fine little day. Just wanted you to know that your shop don´t work. If you click on the products or the contact there is a failure message. Just wanted you to know. Lisa

alessandra said...

To Lisa:
Thank you for telling me...I just tried and everything seems to be working properly...dunno, mysteries of the computers!!!

à petit bruit said...

What a beautiful and funny day for you ! I love the second photo…

at swim-two-birds said...

love these photos, seems you had a lot of fun :),
is it you on the second pic?
it is minus 12 now in Belgium and tomorrow more snow :)

alessandra said...

to at swim-two-birds: yes, that's me...wow minus twelve!!!

fanja said...

hi Alessandra, looks like you had fun, the countryside looks lovely in the snow. it is so cold though, isn't it?

mieke willems said...

oh i can see you're happy! nice pics!!! love love love the snowman!

and hey, we got your cookies! they taste/look delicious!! that's just too sweet of you! and love that drawing!! say thanks to anita!!

alessandra said...

to mieke willems: I'm glad they were still edible...I will tell to anita ;-)

robertafrancesca said...

what a marvellous scene! sembra un paesaggio uscito da un libro di racconti e Anita ne fa
parte, mi sembra ,in maniera stupenda. Continua
così,le fotografie sono veramente molto belle!
mauro and I got your STOLLEN, it is a real greed.
ai blogger la traduzione!

natsumi said...

oh, I love snow and a big snowman!! We had snow here too yesterday!
I went to the park and made some tiny snowmen...

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! xox