I collect postcards.

Liivia and Debora postcards.




Recovering from the flu, the good thing is that I had the time to read book.
Tea swap with Ana 
Tea swap anyone?
The sweetest postcards from  Débora 



I feel poorly, outside is raining.
Fresh orange juice, some vitamin C needed.
As my energy levels are nought, I curl up in the sofa and browse some books, 
like the one of Maurizio Cattelan artworks which I like for his sense of humor
and sarcasm.




Some happy images from the holidays in Norway, visiting friends.
The weather was glorius the all time.


button biscuits

When I was around 8 years old one of my friends lived in a house
behind her granma's haberdashery shop, it was like Wonderland to me.
In a room there were a big table and a machine to make buttons.
My friend's grand mother sometimes let us made some after a lot of nagging of course.
That perhaps is why I'm so fond of buttons.

When I saw these made by Nikole Herriot, I had to give it a try.
Mine are not perfect but they taste good.


japanese pattern book

book I found on Etsy of pretty japanese crochet projects.


my sink, its structural chaos and the law of blogging too much.

My final discussion at University was about the structural chaos of Universe in its art form.
Since then I see structural chaos everywhere.


pink clouds

Never mind the grey skies,
pink clouds
in my webshop


Jane and Jeremy

Beautiful books at Jane and Jeremy  .
Veronique Rolland and Jane Wilson photography .

*photographs by J&J  



Browsing through my books
I found an "abstract artwork" made by A.
hidden in a Boltansky book. Then I
realised she used one of my anatomy study drawings from my Art college years.
The way that black and white picture on the top left is me when I was at Art School
with 5mm long hair.


a cutting from a magazine.


mouse house

Do you remember the mouse in the house
Well that one was a cardboard box,
now the mouse lives comfortably in a cottage.

Please come in

She wakes up early in the morning, warm the milk for the twins and then have a breakfast

And after the lunch while the babies have a nap, she relax  knitting and watching  TV.

When the babies wake up, she takes them for a stroll in the park.
Then they have dinner and it's bath time and a bedtime story.

When the babies finally are settled to sleep, she can relax doing some painting

Then she goes in her bedroom to read but she's so tired that she fell aslep
on the rocking chair...




A friend bought an expensive handmade doll  for her 4 years old daughter as a Christmas present.
to buy that doll was a difficult as it's very popular. You have to be very ready at the computer and place your order as soon the maker puts them on sale on her website. 
Well you know what? when I asked my friend if her daughter was happy for that beautiful present, she told me that she was going to put the doll away until C. could understand the true value of handmade.
Now my point is, why are children often attracted by plasticky, glittery, shiny, and environmentally unfriendly stuff? 
How much influence has a parent  on the way a child will develop his/her taste and understanding of issues such  as the environment?

Here's a picture of me at 4 with my favourite and only doll, Pippi Long Stocking.


Veronique' s living room

One of my cloud cushions in Véronique beautiful living room. 
See also the clouds here and here
Thank you Veronique.

*photo by Véronique


beetroot soup

We started the new year in a very earthy way, I made a beetroot soup
a messy business but delicious,  while listening to this .
We watched the wizard of Oz and the last  Doctor Who episode with David Tennant as the doctor.