Recovering from the flu, the good thing is that I had the time to read book.
Tea swap with Ana 
Tea swap anyone?
The sweetest postcards from  Débora 


naa said...

oh they arrived already! Babičin vrt means Grandma's garden. :)
I've already tried the one you send me and I liked it a lot. I would tea swap with you anytime again! :))
Have a lovely day... I can't wait to read a good book which is not related to exams! :)

at swim-two-birds said...

good for you that you feel better now!
that green chocolate looks great, what taste is it?

alessandra said...

to Ana: Oh I really like a tea with such a name!
to Renilde: Thanks, I feel okeish but I couldn't bear another day in bed! The green chocolate tasted of green tea! weirdly nice :)))

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Oh sorry you've been poorly. Hope you're on the road to recovery. I posted a few pics from your site the other day here :)


at swim-two-birds said...

i'm having a giveaway!!

Lovely World said...

Sweet package! At first I thought that green chocolate was soap. I would send you some tea from Western Massachusetts. Let me know if you want some!

alessandra said...

to Kickcan and Conkers: Thank you! Such a great post, you gave me more inspiration...I really like the first picture!

To Renilde: thanks, I won't miss it :)))

To Lovely World: Western Massachusetts sounds great to me :)))

christel said...

Happy to see you feel better now ! A great cup of tea and chocolate are the best way to feel better !

gini said...

ouiii i feel already better love to swap tea!! yeahee!
have a good day tomorow!!!

Louise said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better! I'd love to do a tea swap, it wouldn't be very exotic though cos I'm not very far away!