japanese pattern book

book I found on Etsy of pretty japanese crochet projects.


Séverine said...

I particularly love the 3D patterns on this japanese book !

Bon crochet, bon week end ! :)

Bohemian girl said...

Your crocheted blanket is nicer, colours picked with a feeling for them.

alessandra said...

To Bohemian girl: thank you...it's true, everytime I work on it the choice of colours change, following my mood!

at swim-two-birds said...

they remind me a bit of my seventies crochingbooks of Phildar, do you remember that pompom cover? Can't see exactly how nr5 was made, very cute:)
i'm drowning in my infinished stuff, good luck with the cover, it's really looking good!!

natsumi said...

woow, these japanese crochet cushions are so pretty!! I am not good at knitting. I wish I had skills...

ps. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.
Wish you a very Happy 2010!

Louise said...

wow, the japanese book projects look really intriguing! I'm the same, half-finished projects all over the place x

lorena said...

It took me a while to find this. I remember seeing this a long time ago. I always have wanted to do something like this but I found it terrible hard. I actually bought a book and explain how to do it very well, and I started to practise. I will come out with something before autumn, I hope. :D Lovely colours. Is that a scarf or the beginning of a blanket?

alessandra said...

To Lorena:
No es dificil.
You only need to count, I mean, to make the right lenght.
On utube there are also plenty of explanations, I often look there when I need to learn something (for example the socks)there some kind folks who put tutorials there.
It's a blanket, but I need more wool.
Very expensive blanket!