I collect postcards.

Liivia and Debora postcards.



Fine Little Day said...

Lovely peeps Alessandra, and I like your refrigerator :)

fanja said...

yes, lovely pics. and love your fridge too x

naa said...

I watched Linea too when I was a kid... :) It's so funny. :)
All photos are so charming Alessandra... Anita is so cute!!!
I also like your magnets!
Every post you make is sweeter than the other! Bravo! *

Lovely World said...

I love postcards too. Inexpensive and portable!

Studio mhl said...

Really nice post, like the postcards a lot and the way you show them. and the picture of Anita is very adorable as are the other pictures of her

Caro said...

Beautiful blog!! Love yoshitomo nara too!

Gentle waves from Argentina :)

alessandra said...

Caro, gracias!
Argentina such a beautiful country!