beetroot soup

We started the new year in a very earthy way, I made a beetroot soup
a messy business but delicious,  while listening to this .
We watched the wizard of Oz and the last  Doctor Who episode with David Tennant as the doctor.


at swim-two-birds said...

i watched Mary Poppins today, The Wizzards off Oz is the next on my list :)
the soup looks delicious!!, i used to make red biet soup quite often, you give me an idea.
Wish you all the best for 2010!!

alessandra said...

Mary Poppins is one of my favourite!

Fine Little Day said...

Looks yummie. Great choice of movie!
One of the cousins has chicken pox here as well...

ameskeria said...

I made a soup like this for the first time just a few days ago!
such a beautiful colour!

fanja said...

the soup looks good. you may like to listen to 'Hjaltalin', it is very joyful.
we watched the last Doctor Who too (we'll miss mr Tennant!) and the last Gavin and Stacey (!)..

alessandra said...

Thank you Fanja...I quite like them :)))
I will miss mr Tennant too, but the new doctor looks promising ;)

naa said...

I like Wizard of Oz a lot! :)
And this soup has the most amazing color I ever saw. :)

gini said...

miam soup!!!!!can we come over!!!!!?
love from gini famili