more from London

More photos of Selfridge's
window display for Alice in Wonderland.
Looking forward to watch the film.





Yesterday I had to go to London to sort out some bureaucracy stuff for
my passport.
Let me tell you that it is quite an experience every time I have to go to 
the Italian Consulate.
There's always some sort of argument involved (and lot of gesticulation).
Then I met Fanja.
We spent a couple of hours shopping for fabric, chatting and scoffing
delicious orchid tea and french macaroons in a Japanese tea room in Soho. 

The back entrance of Liberty from Carnaby Street
has been decorated  in tana lawn.

The sales assistant that cuts the fabric 
has never changed in ten years I shop there.


Window display for Alexander McQueen

and a special bouquet of flowers


Crockery on display
Alice in Wonderland in Selfridges's window display


spring mood

The first crocuses in our garden.


book of green cleaning.



from Denmark

A little pink cloud has arrived in Megumi's happy home in Denmark.
Little Gustav and the cat seem to apreciate it.
Thank you Megumi 


Making blue clouds 

Milenka, Gini's band.

*photos by Megumi



snail mail

A parcel from West Massachussets.
Delicious black tea and tasty chai chocolate from Maribeth.
Thank you  Maribeth!


Orla Kiely 



el campo

Our shared allotment.
So far we planted some onions, leeks, and other vegetables that I forgot about. 
We are all newbies so we rely on trial and error really and sometimes
on tips of allotment veterans.




book, soup, paper

I bought this cotton silk fabric.
I'll use a pattern from the stylish dress book
Although is written in Japanese (which I can't read) 
I find that the patterns are straightforward and very clear.


The only food I can eat these days are soups,
I'm making a new soup everyday.
Today I cooked
saffron and Jerusalem artichoke soup 
I used vegetable broth instead and no almonds.
Quite delicious.


A paper printed in Italy with a nice pattern.



vegan jelly

Yesterday I made vegan jelly with red fruits in vintage glass moulds.
A had the whole little one for herself.



from Japan

I'm looking forward to Easter, because I love chocolate, bunnies, springtime and it's  A's birthday.
Japanese goodies from Hiki.