el campo

Our shared allotment.
So far we planted some onions, leeks, and other vegetables that I forgot about. 
We are all newbies so we rely on trial and error really and sometimes
on tips of allotment veterans.



Bohemian girl said...

It is completely new concept for me, an allotment shared with friends. How big is it? I cannot figure out from the photograph. Is it close to where you live? I am curious because I am comparing with my parents little garden behind the town, we used to go there every afternoon, parents worked and kids played.

alessandra said...

to bohemin girl:
This briefly explain what it is:
An allotment is a plot of land which can be rented by an individual for growing fruit and vegetables, for personal and family use. Allotment gardens are usually owned by local councils, but can also be owned by private individuals, charitable trusts, commercial landowners or religious bodies. Allotment plots come in many different shapes and sizes, usually depending on the history of the area and the amount of demand for allotments locally.
It's litelly across the road, 5 minutes walking from where we live.
I'm looking forward to spring so we can start to plant new vegetables and flowers. We go there with the children, they play we work...exactly as you did when you were a kid! :)

Lovely World said...

Oh. I'm envious. We are still buried under snow and cold.

Francesca said...

I followed your link over at Magda's blog and came for a visit. Some wonderful photography and interesting posts here. Good luck with the gardening, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to gardening in winter, and I'll wait until the weather is warmer!

alessandra said...

Thank you Francesca. The idea is to have the plot working almost all year around!!! well, that's is the idea not sure about reality...ciao

karin said...

Yes, happy planting.
Guerilla gardening is the solution in times of empty pockets at the communities :))

Highwaylass said...

Is that the Upherds Lane site? I think I can see my shed in your picture :)

I was at the Yarn in the Square on Tuesday morning - so much gorgeous yarn!

alessandra said...

To Highwaylass: Nope...is Deacons Lane, Thomas Parsons charity allotments :)

explodingcucumber said...

Oh, hello!
Me and my partner saw that film when it came out. We were very disappointed. We thought that the film didn't really portray life in the allotments. All the characters in the film were really moody people. We were looking for something we could relate to but we found nothing. We thought the film was really about the clash between English and ethnic minorities. It just happened the film maker chose an allotment as the background for the story.
People in our allotment are really nice. There are a few odd characters too but in general everyone is very friendly, giving and helpful.
Your plot is looking good. Ours has been neglected for a while but I'm planning o tackle all that couch grass soon. I love the Guerrilla Gardening idea
and I like your blog too.