Yesterday I had to go to London to sort out some bureaucracy stuff for
my passport.
Let me tell you that it is quite an experience every time I have to go to 
the Italian Consulate.
There's always some sort of argument involved (and lot of gesticulation).
Then I met Fanja.
We spent a couple of hours shopping for fabric, chatting and scoffing
delicious orchid tea and french macaroons in a Japanese tea room in Soho. 

The back entrance of Liberty from Carnaby Street
has been decorated  in tana lawn.

The sales assistant that cuts the fabric 
has never changed in ten years I shop there.


Window display for Alexander McQueen

and a special bouquet of flowers


Crockery on display
Alice in Wonderland in Selfridges's window display


fanja said...

morning, i wish i had more time to stay around and go to Selfridges with you, the window display looks great, can't wait to see more. i fancy a macaroon now..let's do it again soon!

alessandra said...

To Fanja: Buongiorno signora!
Those macaroons were so delicious...
nxt time we'll go east London, columbia road maybe?

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like you two had a nice meeting. So you're planning to go to Italy soon do you :)

.girl ferment. said...

is that yautcha?
i love it there.
pity i missed that fabric store when i was there, it looks like a goodie.
(those macaroons are perfect).

alessandra said...

To Elisabeth: No way, not this time...we are going to Egypt for a proper holiday!
To girl ferment: I don't remember the name of the japanese tea room... it could be that one :)

naa said...

oh I saw that "rose house" when I was in London... I even post it on my blog... it's so pretty!
I am glad everything worked out fine!*

Janis said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I found you through Ritva's blog today. Looking forward to seeing more lovely post... :^)

ps. Italian Consulates are pure madness - I had my share of frustrations here at the one in SF...though sometimes it can be amusing too.

Louise said...

wow, real macaroons! They look so so god. What a great day! I'd love to go to Liberties, but I'm somehow a bit too scared

Louise said...

*good, sorry, not god!

alessandra said...

to Louise: miss a vowel and see what happens!
I can understand that, Liberty can be a bit daunting, because of the prices and because of the architecture but trust me, go at least once and you will see that is a very special place, even the smell is divine...
fancy join us nxt time?

mademoisellealex said...

amigaaa, I have a giveaway in my blog
please come in !!!
besitos parisinos

natsumi said...

Woow, macarons are my farovite!! I just love their pretty pastel colors!!

Marina Cerra said...

Ciao Alessandra, ho appena scoperto il tuo blog su Lovely World, bellissime foto! Mi daresti qualche dritta su dove comprare stoffe?

mieke willems said...

never tried a macoron, but they do look good!
oh, now you make me want to go to london- AGAIN!

alessandra said...

To mieke willems: eh eh eh...next time you come we should arrange something to meet...and would love to meet Renilde too!X

Francesca said...

I love how they decorated that Liberty building! I have very vague memories of the Italian Consulate in Ldn, but I have very clear ones of the US Embassy in Italy!

christel said...

Selfridges's window display is amazing !
I see in UK you've nice macarons too !
I want to return in London ! NOW !


Ah- so, sogood to see my favorite windows in London-thanks....

Catherine said...

It looks like the perfect day out, macarons, beautiful liberty and a good friend. I am hoping to visit london next year and seeing these pictures made me feel quite excited about it : )
I hope you will have a lovely holiday too.

alessandra said...

Thank you all...I wish that one day we can all meet and have a lovely tea and macarons together!

Karumen said...

wow this is one cool place!! thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing it for real in 2 wks' time! :))
and the tea place at soho, just wonderin was it any good to pay a visit? cheers!