book, soup, paper

I bought this cotton silk fabric.
I'll use a pattern from the stylish dress book
Although is written in Japanese (which I can't read) 
I find that the patterns are straightforward and very clear.


The only food I can eat these days are soups,
I'm making a new soup everyday.
Today I cooked
saffron and Jerusalem artichoke soup 
I used vegetable broth instead and no almonds.
Quite delicious.


A paper printed in Italy with a nice pattern.



Fine Little Day said...

Inspiring post Alessandra. The aesthetics in these japanese books are always appealing.

This makes me long for spinach soup.

at swim-two-birds said...

what a nice post Alessandra! so blue :)
what about soups, i'm also making lots of them lately; are you still sick? because you said you can only eat soups anymore!?

alessandra said...

To Renilde: thank you. I'm still not 100%,I still have a cold a lots of coughing...Soups seems to be a good comfort food in this grey weather :)

lilie-melo said...

I prepared a carrot-cumin one, it was pretty good, yours worth a try !