Hello, did you remember to put the clock forward?
(thank you Hella-Stella for reminding me).
Behind the old alarm clock there's a print from
Coffee and caffettiere, something that italians 
can't live without!!!
A birthday soon, I've bought
this lovely card for her, from illustrator Rachel Bright.

Happy Sunday


at home

My ultimate knitting addiction: organic cotton yarns
A german vase with a  pattern called Amsterdam 


nice things

A canvas bag from Mieke Willems.
More fabrics from the Cloth House (from my trip to London) waiting to be sewed
into something cute.
Dried hydrangeas from my garden.
Les Fleurs .

Wish you a good day.


pretty flowers

Happy Spring equinox to all.

I spent the morning cleaning my neglected backyard garden today.
Carnations bought at the local market.
Gradually waking up from hibernation



So much waited sunshine here today.
Need to get out of this house and feel the warmth.
I took my pencils out of the box.
I stopped drawing a while ago (10 years almost)
everytime I drew something it looked sad or dark.

time to start again?


day dreaming

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
I felt in love with the costumes.
The only things I didn't like it were: the mad hatter dance 
and the credits song.

A steam train at the station.
I joined the crowd and snapped some pictures,
it was full of senior people, lots of nostalgia,
the sound of that train was great and the steam looked like a cloud. 
Then I thought at the Darjeeling steam train, would love to travel through India.



Fabricwool and organic cotton to make summer dresses and tops.
I made a dress for Anita and a top for myself.
In Egypt I knitted another shawl.
I feel at peace when I make something nice and useful!


snail mail

Back home I received this generous giveaway from Christel.
It reminds me of holidays and the place where I grew up.
Merci beaucoup Christel 


more from the Red Sea

encounting cute sea urchins
a sponge
and a star fish or a sea spider?
and finally reach the coral reef.


A trip on a "glass boat"
to admire the sea bed

Yep, I'm insane, I knit with 30+ C

A with the summer dress I made for her
just before we left for Egypt.
On the beach she was seriously busy digging
mum knitting...I know it's sick!
An hermit crab named by her "funny". 

A typical egyptian pet
the owner tried to trade 40 camels for Anita!
Not funny I say...
I will always be grateful to the the women's movement !!!
Stunning bougainvillea everywhere
in this bitter-sweet tourist's destination.


Red Sea

Back from a much needed holiday.