Red Sea

Back from a much needed holiday. 



fanja said...

it's nice to see you're back! can't wait to see your holiday pics x

mademoisellealex said...

waouuuuu,do you have a nice weather !!!
see you dear
un besito

Fine Little Day said...

Welcome back Alessandra :)

Louise said...

ha ha! Hope you haven't got frostbite on your return after the warmer climes softened you up! x

Lovely World said...

Pretty sandals. Glad you had a nice trip. Our holiday to the Bahamas in January was so nice - a warm get-away from the cold and snow.

alessandra said...

Thank you ladies :)...it's nice to be back.

To Louise: yep, I've got it...a shock really, from 30C to -2!
what's happenned to spring ???

To Mlle Alex: beautiful sunny weather all the
time! ^.^

To Lovely World: Bahamas...sounds pretty good to me! I miss a lot the sun and the good weather(Italy), so this break was therapeutic!