snail mail

Back home I received this generous giveaway from Christel.
It reminds me of holidays and the place where I grew up.
Merci beaucoup Christel 


mademoisellealex said...

Waouuuu really very nice !!
have a beautiful day mi amiga !!

Lovely World said...

Aren't you lucky!? Your holiday photos are beautiful.

Francesca said...

You grew up here, in Liguria? Why am I writing in English then? Beautiful pendants!

naa said...

cool gifts!
It's nice to read about your sunny holidays!*

alessandra said...

to francesca:
because we are international!!! eh eh eh :)))))

to maribeth: yep, I feel very lucky right now!

christel said...

Thank you for this post ! Your photos are beautiful. It was really a pleasure to send you these little presents. You're right : the green pear is japanese and the soap is un fact a "cicala" (do not find the word in english!). Sorry, but i didn't make the paper garlands !(it would have been sort of disaster!!!!)
I'm more comfortable with ceramics!

Have a nice evening! Buona sera !

alessandra said...

to Christel: ahhh a cicada, the sound of Provence! of course and it smell of lavender, so nice...silly me!
I think I got the tickets mixed up, but everytime a packet arrive she wants to open it and I let her do it but then is mayhem!!!
you meant the heart shaped pendant is for her room, isn't it??? Anita loves it.
I had to hide the chocolates from her because she was eaten them up all!!!
grazie ancora di cuore, un bacio grande.