Hello, did you remember to put the clock forward?
(thank you Hella-Stella for reminding me).
Behind the old alarm clock there's a print from
Coffee and caffettiere, something that italians 
can't live without!!!
A birthday soon, I've bought
this lovely card for her, from illustrator Rachel Bright.

Happy Sunday


Ritva said...

what a lovely post!
like that card a lot,
sweet little hands
and of course café au lait too

ps. i have almost an identical alarm clock :)

naa said...

We also have the same "pot" for making coffee, I don't drink it but I love the smell... yea, Italy is only 20 minutes away, so we share some habits. :)
I love the b.card for Anita, happy birthday to her when she'll celebrate!

This clock thing kinda makes me a bit confused for the first day... every time!!! :)

sunny hug from here to you*

Lovely World said...

I like the photo of your daughter writing. Very sweet.

melski said...

happy sunday! a lovely card...

Trula said...

Lovely little mini person - what a sweet card.

Bohemian girl said...

Nice card.
I use this coffee machine regularly. Habit from Italy, of course. But I pour milk in it. And add water. Ehm.

Janis said...

I can't live without my tassa caffe either - an addiction for sure :^)

ps. I figure out why I could not post comments... it had something with "cookies"

Happy week!

Francesca said...

I'm most impressed by the handwriting - and by the choice of words, how sweet! Happy birthday!

alessandra said...

to all: grazie!

to Janis: it always something to do with cookies!!!glad you find out :-)

to Francesca: here in UK children start quite early to learn to read and write...Anita started at 4! Frankly, I think it's too early as I can see that children here get quite stressed because of the pressure schools put on them. I don't believe that this method makes a child more brilliant than another one that starts at 6!!!
ps: she loves to write her name and then my name because both starts with A. and she loves to see her stuff in our blog

alessandra said...

to bohemian girl: you know how we call that in Italy? un pasticcio! eh eh eh :)))

Lorena said...

Lovely Card... it is very much like a mother talking, isn't it... lovely!
When is her birthday, Do not tell me is a May girl... tauro! Would be Like my Thomas... :P

alessandra said...

to lorena:
no querida ella nacio' en abril...:)