more from the Red Sea

encounting cute sea urchins
a sponge
and a star fish or a sea spider?
and finally reach the coral reef.


A trip on a "glass boat"
to admire the sea bed

Yep, I'm insane, I knit with 30+ C

A with the summer dress I made for her
just before we left for Egypt.
On the beach she was seriously busy digging
mum knitting...I know it's sick!
An hermit crab named by her "funny". 

A typical egyptian pet
the owner tried to trade 40 camels for Anita!
Not funny I say...
I will always be grateful to the the women's movement !!!
Stunning bougainvillea everywhere
in this bitter-sweet tourist's destination.


ledansla said...

Welcome back Alessandra... Oh là là, the sea, the sun, is just a dream... ^.^

Fine Little Day said...

Oh looks like a lovely place.

christel said...

Hello !
So happy to read you again !

Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful photos ; Anita's summer dress with this blue liberty .... it's just gorgeous

mirabelle said...

so beautiful !

Bohemian girl said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Did you swim? Was the water warm enough?
Greetings from cold Middle Europe.

Janis said...

My jaw just dropped to the floor! The clear water and plant life is really amazing. I don't think I've ever seen sea plants as those...

ps. Your knitting looks quite good too :^)

alessandra said...

to bohemian girl: the water is quite warm in the afternoon at this time of the year.
warm all day long, later in the summer, best time september (not too hot weather, right now there were 30 degrees during the day!).the sea goes quite low for at least 50 metres from the shore, you can walk to the coral reef.
there are natural pools were you can swim and yes we did swim there, full of fishes to, it is very beautiful!

jane said...

your images are beautiful, what a magical place!

alessandra said...

to all: THANK YOU!
makes me happy to read your comments.

(sc) said...

La première photo me donne envie de plonger... un rêve de chaleur et de ciel bleu ... ! (ici il fait un vent froid à glacer les oreilles !)

at swim-two-birds said...

hi alessandra, nice you are back!! i need a vacation too, a warm one:)
like your waterphotos very much, and i agree, knitting on a beach in Egypt is sick, but i think i would do the same, haha :-)

nath said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love the picture of the sea urchins...

Louise said...

ow, wow! it looks amazing especially those black spiny urchins, incredible!

la ninja said...

oh. those colours. I'm sea-sick now in more than one way ;)

fanja said...

i'm not sure why i've only just noticed your posts, something wrong with my blogger again.. anyway, your holiday pics are superb. and Anita's dress looks lovely, clever you!

miarosa said...

aaaw, lucky u! i want some sun as well... im not jealous at all!! ;)
beautiful pics :)

kindra said...

the sea urchins are mighty incredible. great photos!