After the mini party with her grandparents, a party with her friends.
It was supposed to be a picnic in the park but the weather forecast has predicted
buckets of rain for Sunday, so it will be at home.
I'm not a fan of hiring places or people to throw a children party
and I'm trying to be as much green as possible.
No balloons to decorate or plastic toys for the party bags.
I bake the cake, and I make sandwiches,
I cook foodand make lemonade and
popcorn ( no microwave necessary). 
I use fresh flowers and fabric bunting as decorations. 
The goodies bags are paper bags filled with edible and recyclable stuff.
Am I strange?
Why do I bother? 
Because I like to think my daughter will remember her home made parties.
And because I can't stand plastic, waste and junk food.
and it is not true that is more expensive if you make your own.


the past in a suitcase

My studio is pretty messy right now.
I painted the walls in a colour called linen.

I'm usually slow at sorting things out as I get too easily distracted.
I went to an antique market and found this little suitcase, the perfect place to store my inherited laces 
(from my great grandmother, my grandmother and my husband grandmother) 
there are only few but I love to look at them.
The black one belonged to my great grandmother (as my mum told me)
and it's at least a 100 years old, it's very delicate.


nice things

Uguiso Sakura giveaway has arrived from Japan (despite the Volcano ashes)
kawaii! it's nice to have a bit of sakura here in England too.
Thank you Hiki I love these colours and thank you Elisabeth for hosted it.

As D started to work again from a real office I took possession of his office at home.
I didn't waste any time.
The room is tiny, 180x 200cm but finally no more sewing in the kitchen table and clutter all over while working.



A is back to school.

One  my favourite necklaces, I made it with vintage murrina glass beads,
a gift from a friend who lives in Venice.

The first spring sock almost finished, now I need to make the other one!
It's my first attempt to make socks, I find it a bit complicated at times because of the 4 needles
(I tried the loop needles but for some reason I like to learn the traditional method).
Once you turn the heel, that's it, all downhill.
Socks tutorial here

Made a top with the Vichy fabric (or gingham) I bought in London, using the pattern on 
this book. I love this kind of easy sewing.
Definitely needs a bit of ironing.



We went for a picnic today, I love cloud spotting,
the sky was so beautiful, so peaceful, so quiet...no planes at all.
Not even the military ones that often fly too low in these skies!

Then we bumped into a friend whose partner is stranded in Spain, trying to come back home...
Although I sympathize with all those people who are trying to go where they have to go 
I cannot deny that I enjoy to see our skies free from air traffic.

So here's a picture of the contrails free sky, today.
Here's more contrails free sky pics via here.


nice things

I've received the rest of the "bonanza giveaway" from Nath.

Thank You Nath!


a magical place

A nice day out today to Anglesey Abbey
what a magical place.

French, spanish, italian and english were the languages spoken.
Everytime I go out with my friends is like this,
if we meet all together it will be like the tower of Babel!
Another beautiful aspect of this country, 
or let's say how things should be everywhere in the world.

Beautiful trees.


tomboy meet granny style

a useful find.
dress from Noa Noa


little birthday

Pink gerberas and a homemade choc cake.



Walking around inspiration all over.

The lady has style.


little mousekin

We went for a walk.
the little mouse wears the cape and the hat from  BarbaraBerrada
She put smiles on the faces around!

My new shoes


paper cuttings


My webshop has been updated with new handmade and vintage.

Thank you all for the comments in my last post. I feel much better.



I have a huge cold... sniff-sniff,
but I did finished a couple of things:
a new teacosy and a cushion.
I sorted out the box of buttons that belonged to my mum
and went on memory lane mode looking at some buttons, especially the metallic ones.
Anita helped me and now she has her own little box of precious, sparkling buttons
or as she says in italian "sbrilluccichi".
I told her a bit about my mum, little stories about the buttons and how as a child I
spent hours sorting them. 
I guess my mum was a button freak too.
Then the sun came out and I realised how neglected the windows are...
The white flowers (which I like so much) are fresias but I can't smell anything!
(Please, have a look at the last link, some of the images are amazing
especially towards the end! there's a link at the bottom to see more).


nice things

Very early in the morning our grumpy old postman rang the bell at the door and banged it loudly a couple of times...
the "dear" old postman handled me a parcel that put a smile on my face: 
part of the great giveaway bonanza from Nath of Le petit Oiseau,
precisely the Papermash part of the prize from Lynne , with beautiful goodies from her shop.
Can't wait to receive the rest from Nath....
Thank you ladies and thanks to little Iris ( with her magical green hat )
who picked my name :)))



I love this time of the year

A postcard from Liivia
Knitting new tea cosies for the webshop
Super Duper Easter giveaway at Louise's