nice things

Uguiso Sakura giveaway has arrived from Japan (despite the Volcano ashes)
kawaii! it's nice to have a bit of sakura here in England too.
Thank you Hiki I love these colours and thank you Elisabeth for hosted it.

As D started to work again from a real office I took possession of his office at home.
I didn't waste any time.
The room is tiny, 180x 200cm but finally no more sewing in the kitchen table and clutter all over while working.


at swim-two-birds said...

hi Alessandra, have a peep on my blog, it is yours :)
have a nice weekend!

christel said...

beautiful stamps too!

nath said...

wow, you have a nice treat from Renilde, eh?

and that is exactly what i did when Paul started to rent a studio space in town, now i have the attic and it's FULL of my stuff. ah. a room of one's own.

have a super-great weekend dear!

Francesca said...

Hope you get your second sock finished. Congrats on getting your own little space, it'll be fun decorating it!

naa said...

I am sure you'll make it very useful and pretty even if it's tiny. I wish you many creative energy in your studio room! ***

Lovely World said...

You have been busy with many projects! I tend to do too many at once. Sometimes I think I should just make one thing, but I can't help myself from starting another! Very nice that you have your own work room now. That will be great I'm sure.

gini said...

hi alessandra!!!!
oh i wish you could teach me how to knit socks!!!
lots of love from Paris!!!!

alessandra said...

to all: thank you!
to renilde: oh i love that....grazie mille!
to gini: anytime gini, enjoy paris!

Kylie said...

Fabulous prize! I got one too but I forgot to post about it ;) Love how you've photographed them. Thanks for the link to Doily - great find and I do love Mady's blog Abundance. Kx

à petit bruit said...

These photos are so beautiful… Have a nice week.

natsumi said...

Lucky you! You got a great giveaway gift! The photo of sakura is so pretty!

Ashley said...

Wow--stunning photo. Congrats!