Three polaroids (500) I shot in Hyde Park in London a while ago.
and my coffee.
What I need now is this .
I'm still packing, almost finished.
We'll move this friday.
I take a little pause from blogging, my shop will be closed for few days.

Thank you for your words in my last post :-)


snail mail

It's a sunny Monday, in my  front garden the first rose has appeared.

This front garden is the wildest here, dandelions and other weeds are allowed to grow,
the "shame" of the street.
I fed it with organic compost and Epsom salt, the roses look glorious and smell wonderful.

Through my mailbox a packet has arrived from France, from Aurélie
an amazingly good chocolate, buttery biscuits in a sweet tin, her cute pillows
and a "jolie" bracelet for Anita.
She was so happy about it and told me : "mummy this is exactly what I wanted!"
that's her way to say when she really likes something!
Thank you Aurélie, you made this day even more sunnier :)))

I like the colourful world of Luciana Navarro.



Back again, amidst boxes and stuff everywhere.
Oh, packing is the worst bit of moving.
Is a time when I ask myself why I collect so many things,
sometimes I wish I could be a minimalist person instead of a hoarder!
So, to be coherent,  today I went for a walk and ended up in one of my favourites places in town:
the Antique Center, three floors packed with all sorts of things, it's like a museum.
I took some photos to share with you.

Ah and finally I can wear sandals.


nice things

So happy to see one of my  cloud on
Papier Mache magazine issue 3,
with so many beautiful things.


a cd and a bunch of photos

Milenka cd (Gini's band) has arrived
this is what I'm listening while packing and sort stuff out.
WolfMother is a favourite. When I like a song I put it on repeat.
I know, I'm one of those 'loopy'.
The husband doesn't understand this and get a bit annoyed when I listen to the same
song for a couple of hours, who wouldn't really?
It's only me? nah, I don't think so, there must be others loopy de loops out there 
While sorting out stuff, I found my box of photos.
My whole life is inside that box. 
On the photos below, it's me at 17 and 18 years old, when I was a a punk and a skater.
Hence the 'ugly' tattoo on my wrist, which is a nuclear monster, there's a nuclear
symbol that makes the eyes and the mouth with the spikes all around.
I was a rebel and in some ways I always will be.


on the move

We are moving
I started packing, the weather helps.

and much more will go inside the boxes.

A cloud here 


two robots

A loves to cut paper, so much that at school her teacher had to take the scissors away from her.
I had to do the same at home but if I leave her she could cut for hours.
I know, it sounds horrible.

Below a couple of her creatures:


nice things

The embroidered pin cushion from Renilde is arrived this morning!
Thank you Renilde it's a great little treasure, I will take good care of it.


shop update

The long weekend is finished
the party was lovely, the weather is crazy and I feel so sleepy!

shop update with more vintage finds.



After the buttons cookies  here the clouds cookies 
made with this lovely cookie cutter from Herriot Grace.