snail mail

It's a sunny Monday, in my  front garden the first rose has appeared.

This front garden is the wildest here, dandelions and other weeds are allowed to grow,
the "shame" of the street.
I fed it with organic compost and Epsom salt, the roses look glorious and smell wonderful.

Through my mailbox a packet has arrived from France, from Aurélie
an amazingly good chocolate, buttery biscuits in a sweet tin, her cute pillows
and a "jolie" bracelet for Anita.
She was so happy about it and told me : "mummy this is exactly what I wanted!"
that's her way to say when she really likes something!
Thank you Aurélie, you made this day even more sunnier :)))

I like the colourful world of Luciana Navarro.


Anonymous said...

what a nice post...

at swim-two-birds said...

I would love to see a photo from your frontgarden, please???
What about the moving, I hope everything will go smoothly; for me the worst part was the moving itself, I felt like having a nervous breakdown on Saturday morning; what a chaos!!!!
I like your sandals and your toes are gorgeous
:-); since I was a teenager I loved to have beautiful hands and feet, but helas I'm burdened with a bunch of swollen sausages, haha!
Good luck Alessandra and STOP BUYING things :-)

christel said...

You're right ! Beautiful things ! And this chocolate is SOOOOO good ! Before you leave your home, maybe we would see you frontgarden, you've got treasures in it!

alessandra said...

To Renilde: You made me laugh!...sorry, it's the way you tell things!
You should have done a video of your moving!
thanks for the compliments on my toes :)
I know, I should stop buying stuff but that carpet was a real bargain!

to Christel and Renilde: Ok I will, but I will take photos of the others front gardens in the street so you can compare ;)
ciao for now!

alessandra said...

To Itsoh:
hello! thanks for visiting!

(sc) said...

Oh magnifique cette rose j'ai l'impression que je peux sentir d'ici son parfum, quant à la remarque d'Anita, adorable ! :)

blue china studio happy said...

What a beautiful rose! And other fun treats. Lucky duck!

I too would love to see your front garden.

Janis said...

I would love to see your front yard too - I like a wild one!

A lot of my roses are moving with me - I have been pulling them up and replanting in containers. They look so sad right now - hopefully they will recover :^)

gini said...


laurence said...

your post take me back to some nice souvenirs! I used to go to Bonnat's Tea Room with my Grandma. They have cakes to die for. And La Baule, is the first place where we took Camille on vacation when she was a baby...I love it.
The bracelet is adorable.
Ohhh and I want your sandals...where did you get them from? And the nailpolish, ohlala, so stylish :)

alessandra said...

to Laurence: These lovely things were sent by a very stilish lady!
My sandals are from Birkenstock, but when I bought them I had them sent from Japan, they might have them now here in England.
The nail polish is Chanel! the most stylish nail polish ever created ;)))

alessandra said...

to Janis: at first I thought about get some cutting or replant some new roses i have in tha backgarden...still have to think about...I planted a rose 2 years ago and those are might the one I will replant in a pot and take with me, it's still a very young plant so it might work.
Hope your plants will recover...did you gave them a boost with some organic compost?
So, soon you will be packing too!

Isabelle said...

lovely presents ... lucky you !!

Louise said...

hope the packing is going ok! Your rose looks lovely x

Lollipop said...

lovely gifts!
lucky anita!