a cd and a bunch of photos

Milenka cd (Gini's band) has arrived
this is what I'm listening while packing and sort stuff out.
WolfMother is a favourite. When I like a song I put it on repeat.
I know, I'm one of those 'loopy'.
The husband doesn't understand this and get a bit annoyed when I listen to the same
song for a couple of hours, who wouldn't really?
It's only me? nah, I don't think so, there must be others loopy de loops out there 
While sorting out stuff, I found my box of photos.
My whole life is inside that box. 
On the photos below, it's me at 17 and 18 years old, when I was a a punk and a skater.
Hence the 'ugly' tattoo on my wrist, which is a nuclear monster, there's a nuclear
symbol that makes the eyes and the mouth with the spikes all around.
I was a rebel and in some ways I always will be.


nath said...

ah, what an intense looking young beauty! i have been curious to see your face! nothing wrong with being rebellious, i hope that we will instill some of that power into our children. and the Milenka artwork is really beautiful. i will have to have a listen later.

so is your new (and bigger) house still in Cambridge?

Kylie said...

I'm positive everyone listens to a favourite song on repeat! Loving the teen photos - I should post one of when I had fire engine red hair! ;) My 10 year old daughter is a mad skateboarder - so cool. Thanks for sharing these and good luck with the packing and moving :) K

Sway Céline said...

Rebel forever! we are Pirates!

blue china studio happy said...

What great photos of you! So fun to look back to what we once were or when a part of us was more in the fore front.

A bigger better house...now that is a good thing!

naa said...

I always wondered how your tattoos look like. :)
I often listen to one song over and over again... sometimes If I really like one I don't wanna listen it too much so it would excited me longer but I easily give in and listen it all day and soon get annoyed. :) you know what I mean? :)

I would love to hear Gini's band and photos of you are really nice!*

Good luck with packaging.

gini said...

oui !!!!! Alessandra!!!!!
merci for this post!!!
i love the fotos of you i remember you showing me these in the shop (what a priviledge!)
ok hope you're doing good with the packing !!!

diana said...

I'm a loopy! Sometimes I can even get desperate if I have to be without the song I'm in for. And I mean desperate. But it's coming and going in periods. One song I can listen to forever is: Elliott Smith - Independence day

Francesca said...

Great, intense photos.

nath said...

milenka are amazing! listening to them now and i think i will have to buy it!

Janis said...

Another loopy loop here. At the moment I am obsessed with a couple songs on the new Joanna Newsom cd.

Also - Your punk side is a wonderful surprise! I like that you have this other side too. Yin and yang, a punk that makes lovely pillows - such a good balance!

alessandra said...

To all: thank you :)
I knew it there are lots of women out there that likes to listen the same song thousand of times ;)
Those fotos are from the 80's, a quite dark age I say. My reaction to bigotry, edonism, consumerism, greediness, disaster capitalism.
I'm glad I joined the subcultures, I learnt a lot.
Now I'm a quiet mum. I enjoy to make things and to spend time with my child... a simple life really, but sometimes I take my skate and have a ride!
Now I'll go back to the tedious packing!!!

mathilda said...

oh i'm waiting for it impatiently too ...

... quickly check in my mailbox!

Lollipop said...

I do put every new favorite song on repeat for HOURS !

fanja said...

that picture of you on the skateboard is so precious! it's great to have significant memories of your youth..now can you skate and knit at the same time?
i'm a loopy lady too, i only do it when the man isn't in!

alessandra said...

to Fanja: eh eh eh...you too!
I can't skate and knit at the same time.
But lately I developed a technique of knit and sleep, while watching TV I knit then from time to time I close my eyes, keep knitting and take a at nap the same time! ...cool ha! how is that?

christel said...

It's great ! Taking your skate and having a ride and after knitting !

fanja said...

Al., the sleeping knitting technique made me laugh so much! i often fall asleep too when i watch tv and do some handsewing, then when i look at the result the day after, it is a disaster and i have to do it again. but you must have some special powers. we are such grannies. have a good one dear x

Louise said...

I love listening to the same song over over! But I do it in shameful secret with big headphones on... You look superawesome as a sulky skater!

Megumi Pedersen ピーダーセン めぐみ said...

beautiful and cool girl with special deep look in eyes..:-) amazing that you can skate and knit! ;-) Oh I am also the one who listens to same music again and again for hours.......! And I love the wolf mother too. Makes me feel warm in stomach. I know moving is a lot of work but exciting too! Looking already forward to see your new home which is going to beautiduk by your hands for sure! :-) Love from Megumi

at swim-two-birds said...

you looked a very tough girl!! were you Nina Hagen fan?
I was a softy, I still am :)
great photos!

alessandra said...

to Fanja: cutting edge grannies I say!

to Louise: yeah let's say I was kind of sulky, but in the picture with crazy hair I remember I had a split headache...on the third one I was really pissed off, but I don't remember why.

to Megumi: thank you ^.^

to Renilde: No, I was listening Crass Records bands (english subculture), american and european hardcore punk bands (minor threat,DRI,scream,MDC,Negazione etc), Irish folk bands (ehm the Pogues really), beastie boys, run DMC and american hip hop bands of the 80's.
At that time I was a photographer for an italian skateboard magazine and I did some collaboration for some music magazine, I was travelling a lot around Italy and Europe following bands (but not as a groupie) and organized (with a couple of friends) skate events. I was a softie too, but quite angry with the society, skateboarding helped me a lot to lease frustration and anger and worries...
my motto is : "my god rides a skateboard and for sure is a woman!"

Lovely World said...

Look at those photos! I remember the Dead Kennedys. I worked in a record shop through high school and kept up with all the punk and new wave of the 1980s. But, like you, now all is quiet at home. I often wonder what music my children will find themselves involved in. X Maribeth

alessandra said...

to Maribeth: ah lucky you, that was a "dream job" for lots of teenagers in my circle of friends! it was considered a very cool job!
I still have that Dead Kennedys shirt!
Anita has a fine "music education" in this house, hopefully she will mantain a good ear! The other day she was singing a Bob Marley's song, it made me chuckle a lot!