These days I feel like time is going fast forward.
I'm mostly outside, it's kind of unusual here to have such  
a lovely weather.

A notebook I got from here.
A japanese sewing pattern book 
(beautiful patterns but I don't know why she looks so sad!).



A new dress for Anita, I made it yesterday, with this fabric.
In our garden there are lots of roses but these are my favourite:
the scent is so sweet and the colour is lavender.
We are enjoying the good weather.


new home

We spent the weekend tiding up and unpacking.
As we won't stay in this house for more than six month
I took out of the boxes just few things
and realized how nice it 's to have a clutter free home.
I have like chairs: we have 17 chairs,
all vintage or second hand.
Our home looks like a waiting room as we have very little furniture

A fan I recently found in an antique market.

If you love chairs too,  here you go!



something I like

Day dreaming of a Simple Home


Congratulations Anna,  
you are the winner of the cloud giveaway, 
over at Fine Little Day



A drawing of A and her favourite toy, a smelly stuffed dog called Bao. 
When I think of my childhood I feel like I come from another era:
where kids were allowed to play outside in the neighborhood.
Like free range kids.
Today I'm scared to  leave her alone in the garden .
Why is that? what happened?
It's ours a generation of paranoid parents?


nice things

I love Karin creations, these summery necklaces put a smile on my face!
One is for Anita and the other one for myself.
The shop is here  and Karin has a nice blog too!

The cloud giveaway is open until wednesday 16 of June.

Little Circus giveaway of the new Paumes book, with interiors of families from Brussels, Antwerp and Namur: 
"Belgium family Style".

Bonne chance everyone :)



more clouds

The clouds are back, to pre order please contact me.
They will be in the shop next week, limited edition of course.

Have you seen Otto's cloud in the woods, here.

I'll have a cloud giveaway.


a blanket and its story

I'd like to show you this blanket and tell you the story behind it :
I made it few years ago and it took me one year to finish it,
it measure about 220 cm and it's almost a square.
It is made with lots of leftovers of wool yarns that my mum used, 
to knit things for us and for herself.
After my mum died of cancer (12 years ago)
my dad told me that there were several bags of wool at home
and asked me what I wanted to do with it. 
I decided to take it with me to London, but I had no idea of what to do with it.
A couple of years after I started to knit a blanket, 
it was a very powerful way to deal with the loss and the sadness. 
Stitch by stitch I found my way to mourning. 
I can still remember where some of the wool come from,
jumpers she made for my  brothers and me
and there's even some wool that she recycled from my grandad's jumpers.
Now it needs some repair, the wool I used to stitch it,
is probably too old and so it breaks easily.
I'm not saying that I'm like Linus and his blankie but in moments like this
I need my blanket too!

Near my home...must be a sign?


to unpack or not?

here I am in a new house, full of boxes filled with all our belongings.
the move went really well but once we arrived in the new house we found out
that there are some troubles with pipes and a leaking boiler
(the heating in this house is run by -kerosene- oil!)
So "rien a faire" until the plumber and the boiler technician 
come to see if it's actually safe to stay here
or if we have to move to another place.
And guess what? It's ok, I prefer to do something I like rather than to get stressed 
and so I started to make some clouds!
The shop is open but the clouds will be on sale next week.
Here there's a storm right now, this weather is so unpredictable as life is...isn't it?

I'm the winner of the styling straw competition
Thanks Lynne of Tea for Joy


Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois
Paris 1911- New York 2010
More photos here.