to unpack or not?

here I am in a new house, full of boxes filled with all our belongings.
the move went really well but once we arrived in the new house we found out
that there are some troubles with pipes and a leaking boiler
(the heating in this house is run by -kerosene- oil!)
So "rien a faire" until the plumber and the boiler technician 
come to see if it's actually safe to stay here
or if we have to move to another place.
And guess what? It's ok, I prefer to do something I like rather than to get stressed 
and so I started to make some clouds!
The shop is open but the clouds will be on sale next week.
Here there's a storm right now, this weather is so unpredictable as life is...isn't it?

I'm the winner of the styling straw competition
Thanks Lynne of Tea for Joy


S. said...

Bravo pour le prix mais aussi pour ton aplomb et ton sens de l'humour ! ;)
J'espère que tu sauras très bientôt quoi faire de ces cartons,
Bises, Séverine.

Lovely World said...

When in doubt, sew. That is my motto!

Janis said...

Nothing to make? Take-out picnics on the floor, like camping indoors ;^)

I admire your diligence keeping up with your art and making clouds while packing and unpacking and everything else ... a lesson for me!

Time to follow your links... Good luck, and hope all the pipes and "oil" starts working soon! xo

christine said...

Oh my god, c'est la vie. Bon courage, dear... :)

christel said...

"c'est la vie... " et ses petits plaisirs ...
Bravo à toi de prendre tout ça du bon côté!

nath said...

ah, courage under fire. i expected nothing less Alessandra!

hope the teething problems are sorted out toute suite!

nath said...

p.s. well done on the straw comp - i really liked your charming entry! you have quite some winning streak!

Lollipop said...

oooh, tu parles d'une surprise!!!
courage et tell us more more more...

Francesca said...

"il tempo e le persone, le prendi come vengono" always tells me my elderly neighbor. ... e pure i traslochi:)!

Trula said...

admirable, great attitude. Hope you enjoy the cloud making and that the pipes and boiler get fixed, soon.

fanja said...

oh dear i hope the pipes and boiler get fixed quickly, glad to see you are dealing with it your way!
well done for the straw competition, very clever x

blue china studio happy said...

Oh boy. I don't think I would be nearly as cool headed as you sound to be. Good luck with the plumber!

naa said...

Dear you're so brave... I hope everything will be alright! ***

Louise said...

So sorry to hear of your boiler troubles! I loved your straw styling though x

melski said...

eek! hope the boiler is now fixed. I really like these pictures, work lovely together :)