We went for a walk today around the countryside
just half an hour walking from were we live,
we came back home with enough free
apples and blackberry to make a cake and a couple
of jam jars.


Wild food foraging.


hometown part 3

Walking around like a tourist in a town that I know like my pockets.
Nothing to discover, yet every time it amazes me.
La Superba was nicknamed Genova.

hometown part 2

My in-laws bedroom.
They say it's like to sleep inside a pretty box.

My mother in law used to make ceramics and sculpture, 
in her home there are various things she made: the woman's head is one
of them A of course added her touch.
When she's silent I know she's up to something!
William Morris wall paper


hometown part 1

We went to Italy, in our hometown: Genova.
The weather was odd: hot, humid and some rainstorms too.
We walked on places of my childhood, ate the sweets: mentine and drages 
that I used to eat when I was the same age of Anita,
still handmade locally in the same place, since 1780.

We walked a lot, went to the seaside, ate focaccia  and ice creams everyday,
saw friends and familiar faces, only a bit older. 
At times it was kind of strange to see my daughter playing in the same places 
of my childhood. To meet friends of that time, although grown up now,
I can still see that glimpse on the eyes: the same of when we were kids.

It was good, now I think I can make peace with my hometown: 
a place were nothing never change despite all the changes.