hometown part 2

My in-laws bedroom.
They say it's like to sleep inside a pretty box.

My mother in law used to make ceramics and sculpture, 
in her home there are various things she made: the woman's head is one
of them A of course added her touch.
When she's silent I know she's up to something!
William Morris wall paper


Christine said...

well done Anita.... (Google english correct?)
Beautiful room and ceramic!

Catherine said...

lovely wallpaper, it sounds like you had a lovely trip!

Ritva said...

i like her touch!
what a treat that room is!

karin said...

hello Alessandra,
nice to see your photos and welcome back.

Janis said...

Wow wow... William Morris - one of my heros! Such loveliness... even your daughter's contribution :^)

jokemijn said...

i like the touch :D
William Morris's wallpaper was often mentioned in artschool, lovely to see how it would look like in a "real" room.

Francesca said...


blue china studio happy said...

Love the wallpaper. What a lovely room to sleep in. And adore the added touch to the sculpture!

Bohemian girl said...

Anita is creative. I am glad you are back.