hometown part 4

Few more photos from our holiday (no more promised!)

A vintage shop
An oratory squeezed between the buildings with the weirdest name ever:
oratory of the souls and of the belt !!! (scary).
The "bigo" a (controversial) opera of genovese architect  Renzo Piano
in the old harbor also designed by him.
Japanese Bodhisattva, one of the many in this little gem of (mostly unknown) museum
The refectory, where the monks eat, inside a monastery situated on top of a hill 
in the historic centre, I wouldn't mind a couple of those chairs.
A medioeval tower
A wanted to check if the putto was crying

And at last, revealed what catholic priests drink during mass:
a wine made specifically for the purpose called Sacred Mass.



christine said...

yes yes more, promise?

alessandra said...

ahhh christine you are too good!

S. said...

Très intéressant post Alessandra :)

christel said...

beautifil pics. I love the one Anita checks if he's crying ! I think Renzo Piano's architecture in general is very interesting

Bohemian girl said...

I think you enjoyed your town a lot. Maybe more than ever but I can only guess from your hints in this and previous posts.

Why is the museum so little known?

alessandra said...

to Magda (the bohemian girl):
because unfortunately genovese people seem to be jelous of what they have and instead of let the world know about the hidden gems of the town they let things are forgotten.
For example how many people know that in Genova there's the biggest private collection of Rubens paintings?
If the florentine people had that they'll make sure that everybody know and perhaps they will even open it to the public once in a while to share those work of art with the world.
In genova feudalism is still alive, "noble" families rules and they don't care too much to attract tourists, the town is dying slowly and painfully. It's a town for old people now, it doesn't offer too much to tourists and young people.
The Academy of Art where I studied is closing and so the Opera Theatre...how sad is that?

Two words to describe the people there:
pessimism and resignation!
That's why I say that despite the changes nothing ever change there, and that's why I was always angry and exasperated.

Thank you for asking.

nath said...

ah, Anita is such a pretty! and i am clearly not alone in loving these glimpses of your summer, yes, more, do!

Janis said...

I love that little finger, so sweet...

Kylie said...

Wonderful photos! What a great holiday. Kx

Jacqui Dodds said...

These photos remind me of our holiday - we came back from Italy on Saturday - luckily the weather has been kind this week at home!
I see that your home town is Genova we stayed at Viareggio and visited Lucca and Florence and also Cinque Terre which is near where your home town is.
I will post some photos on my blog when I get sorted - missing being there very much!