slowing down

The chair under the dwarf magnolia was found in the garbage

The little nest was a lucky finding during a walk in the hills (or mountains?) in Genova.

Toc-toc-toc first number is out, congratulation Pomme!

Don't miss a lovely fish(-y) giveaway here

Have a nice week end.


mo' said...

this pillow is on my wich list, just love it !
I hope anita feels better than the other day, how was school ?
grosses grosses bises à vous ! ; )

alessandra said...

Hi Mo', thank you. Anita is better she started in a new school and she's quite happy!
Ahhh my wish list is becoming reeeealy long now!

fanja said...

it's all so nice and cosy
who would throw a chair like that in the bin??
nice weekend to you dear xx

christel said...

I love this chair ! Beautiful it must be great sitting under this beautiful tree.

Bohemian girl said...

Did you have to restore the chair? It is very pretty.

alessandra said...

to fanja: crazy isn't it?
to bohemian girl: no, I just clean it and nourish it with oil, but even though it seems alive, it's very noisy when you sit down, it screech a bit. But the creepy thing is that makes noises even if nobody is sitting there!
But I love it is very cosy and elisabeth's cushion is just perfect there.

Maria said...

So beutiful here!I love this light.Have a nice weekend too la casita!

S. said...

Oh un magnolia quelle chance !
Quel endroit parfait pour installer ce fauteuil, incroyable que tu l'ai trouvé à la poubelle !
Quant à cette illustration, elle te convient parfaitement...
Bonne fin de semaine !

nath said...

nice to slow down, but i fear i have to get going again, kindergarten starts next week! time to tackle the to-do list! that chair is perfectly lovely, perhaps the crazy people threw it out precisely because of the noisiness? still it looks like the nicest spot. it's really good to be seeing your tranquil photographs again, i have missed them.

Kylie said...

Oh I love nests! Isn't it beautiful. I love your knitting chair and I have that cushion of Elisabeth's too :) Kx

jane said...

what a sunny post! happy weekend!

christine said...

i love your" knitting chair", i love your apple smile, i love this pillow and i love toc toc toc! Bon week-end!

naa said...

we love similar things... Ana's work always amazes me and I have Elisabeth's pillow on my wish list for so long... So lovely that you are surrounded with such pretty things.
Have a lovely weekend dear*

alessandra said...

to Nath: Oh yes that is a possibility.

to Christine: the apple face is Anita's work!

Janis said...

What a nice place to sit and sew... Can't believe someone would throw out that chair! That's how we find some of our chairs too (actually you can see two in my latest post) ;^)

Journal de jours said...

Your knittingchair is beautiful, and Elisabeth's pillow to. A perfect match !

Fine Little Day said...

Such a nice place you have there. What an honor with my pillow case placed in that nice chair :)