We had a mini Halloween party today (I had no choice really, she begged me!).
Three little witches and a terrifying vampiress.
I laid on the table a white paper tablecloth and they had fun drawing on it,
They made their own Eton mess: but we used raspberry coulis (as blood),
red fruits (raspberries, blackberries etc), pieces of white meringue (the bones)
and whipped cream.
Few  glosticks light in the dark and lots of fun.
This time it was easy peasy, pfiuuuu!
spooky doudou joined the party, thank you  Fanja.

Happy Halloween


funny face

A place nearby.
She couldn't resist to add a mouth and I went along with the cheecks.


Light the candles.
Bake your biscuits.
Knit your woolies.
October light is almost gone.

The pub around the corner, 
looks like a Gingerbread House.

Have a nice weekend. 


Kettle's Yard

Kettle's  Yard was born from the mind of Jim Ede,
once a curator at the Tate Gallery.
His idea was that art was better approached in the surrounding
of a home.
It's a home full of light, calm spaces and beauty.
You can read more of his ideas about interiors here.
And take a virtual tour of the house here,


Every Day is a Good Day

It's the title of the exhibition we went to see today, at Kettle's Yard.
An exhibition of the visual art of John Cage.
I could only managed to take a shot before I was caught redhanded by the gallery attendant
and it's not even a good one...
But here you can find more info and if you live nearby my advice is don't miss it.
As a matter of fact I liked it so much that I will go back to see it again.



I'm wearing
a coat, linen skirt, tights and socks, cotton shirt, woolen cardi,
a wool hat and a scarf.
Ah, and gloves too.


more nice things

It's so cold but sunny and the sky is so so blue.
Through my mailbox  this morning a sweet little package from Madame Tatoum!
Thank you V.

The card is from le Petit Atelier de Paris.
I love all their creations, white and dreamy.


Mr M is traveling around the globe indeed!

Mr Moustache has arrived here...
such a beautiful, clever, sweet and magical little book,
by  Studio Violet
Thank you!
I love the three people climbing to reach the top of the big mountain : ) 
Thank you Elisabeth, you are such an inspiring artist, mum and woman!



To help this organization to stop the introduction of GM crops in Europe,
we have decided to donate 50% of the sale price of the "cloud head" postcards.

If you, like me, are concerned about this issue, please help to spread the word.

Thank you

+ the dark side

An etching I did ages ago.
In another life I studied art and painting...
...then I gave up!


it's drizzling again

Today is the first cold day,  
the rain is drizzling non stop since last night.
The shawl I made here is now hers.




A house nearby, I like it although it's pretty run down, I wonder who lives there.


to make focaccia:
heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. 
in a bowl put 450gr of plain flour, 
1tsp of  yeast, half tsp of salt, 
280ml lukewarm water, 
6 tsp extra virgin olive oil.
add the water gradually, mix with a wooden spoon then add the oil, 
work it and knead it until it reach an "elastic" consistency
it will look pretty messy at the beginning, but get better after a while,
 it helps either to put oil in your hands or a bit of flour.
put the dough in a basin in a warm place for a couple of hours.
when the dough has risen, knock it back add a handful of chopped 
sage and make sure it spread evenly in the dough, then stretch it 
to fit an oiled tin about 30x35cm. leave the dough to prove for about 20 mins.
before it goes in the oven add more chopped sage and spread coarse
seasalt and oil on top.
cook until golden.



time to bake
sage focaccia.
have a nice day. 


leisure time

all she needs is some paint and a cardboard box


Life ain't easy these days...
but she's happy.

Have a nice weekend all.




shop update

with a lot of pink