Light the candles.
Bake your biscuits.
Knit your woolies.
October light is almost gone.

The pub around the corner, 
looks like a Gingerbread House.

Have a nice weekend. 


S. said...

Est-ce que cet alpaca est ton fournisseur de laine direct ? Tu as de la chance !

Quant à ce pub oui tu as tout à fait raison ... :)

Bon week end à toi aussi !

alessandra said...

Séverine, :D eh eh! pas mal cette idee...
No was in the local market last week! such a sweet creature.

WSAKE said...

i love to try that shortbread - never used kamut flour before.

Anonymous said...

All this makes me want to be where you are... an evening at the pub - I surely wouldn't mind! Have a beautiful weekend!

explodingcucumber said...

I'd love to learn how to sheer! Do you know anyone that could teach me?

alessandra said...

explodingcucumber, he he you could come up here in flatland to make a course!
I know you are serious, but no I'm afraid I don't know anyone, although as I said there are plenty of farms around here.

alessandra said...

WSAKE, it is delicious, kamut flour is much more healthier than wheat flour.

explodingcucumber said...

My grandad had a farm for a few decades. Shame I never learned it from him but the interest in wool only came well after he had died.
Have a good weekend ;-)
Um beijinho.

brooke said...

Lovely photos. I hope you have a nice weekend too.

Nathalie & Benita said...

that little house is too cute for words. : )