to make focaccia:
heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. 
in a bowl put 450gr of plain flour, 
1tsp of  yeast, half tsp of salt, 
280ml lukewarm water, 
6 tsp extra virgin olive oil.
add the water gradually, mix with a wooden spoon then add the oil, 
work it and knead it until it reach an "elastic" consistency
it will look pretty messy at the beginning, but get better after a while,
 it helps either to put oil in your hands or a bit of flour.
put the dough in a basin in a warm place for a couple of hours.
when the dough has risen, knock it back add a handful of chopped 
sage and make sure it spread evenly in the dough, then stretch it 
to fit an oiled tin about 30x35cm. leave the dough to prove for about 20 mins.
before it goes in the oven add more chopped sage and spread coarse
seasalt and oil on top.
cook until golden.


S. said...

Délicieux ! il faut que j'essaie !
Merci pour la recette ! :)

Line+Liv said...

... thanks for sharing ... looks so delicious, I will try it on the weekend and will tell you, love

vera said...

uhm homemade focaccia
sei genovese allora ? ;-)

Maria said...

Tomorrow I m on holiday and will try to bake this!Many thanks for sharing this its looks very delisious.So lovely photos here again..

alessandra said...

vera, genova e'dove sono nata e cresciuta,
ma non mi sono mai sentita genovese...
in effetti non misento di appartenere a nessun luogo in particolare, e' il perfetto stato d'animo per una immigrata!
: )

Séverine,Line+Liv,Maria yes please let me know...

elisa said...

mmmh.. come non provarla!?

helicopter6 said...

Just love that you add sage... and your images are stunning as always.

vera said...

beh i genovesi sono un po cosi da sempre vero ? come i portoghesi ... ecco perche ho sposato un genovese ,-)

alessandra said...

elisa, e dai, provala e' buonissima : )

helicopter6 sage is a special herb, i think, so perfect in every aspect. thank you :))

vera, si hai ragione, popolo di esploratori e navigatori. molto, molto cocciuti! o no?

lilie-melo said...

Oh it reminds me my travel in liguria, I will try your recipe for sure !

elisa said...

fatta e postata! Grazie mille per la ricetta, buon weekend.

Louise said...

yum yum yum I am definitely trying this! Although I bet it doesn't come out as nearly as good-looking as yours!

Studio mhl said...

Will try your recipe, and hope I'll manage. (somehow pies and things like bread always go wrong) Focaccia reminds me of my holidays near Viareggio with my parents. I had it at the beach and it was the best I've ever had..