We had a mini Halloween party today (I had no choice really, she begged me!).
Three little witches and a terrifying vampiress.
I laid on the table a white paper tablecloth and they had fun drawing on it,
They made their own Eton mess: but we used raspberry coulis (as blood),
red fruits (raspberries, blackberries etc), pieces of white meringue (the bones)
and whipped cream.
Few  glosticks light in the dark and lots of fun.
This time it was easy peasy, pfiuuuu!
spooky doudou joined the party, thank you  Fanja.

Happy Halloween


A Little Happier said...

it's so lovely how she is taking care of her new doudou :)
have a nice week

mo' said...

ho ho fantastic,
love her drawings !!!!
big kiss !

Fine Little Day said...

Lovely photos Alessandra :)

Kylie said...

Totally gorgeous :) Kx

Louise said...

Sweet! Looks like lots of fun. I will never look at an Eaton mess in quite the same way, though...

annamaria potamiti said...

All sweet! Gorgeous cicles of light!

blue china studio happy said...

Happy Halloween! Great photos. Love the pumpkin. The tablecloth drawings are wonderful. What a great idea.

Kathryn said...

I'm missing the Halloween buzz at the moment. My children are too old or too young. Love the drawings!

Lollipop said...

what a nice little Halloween party !
and le doudou... waouw!

S. said...

Trop mignonne cette petite sorcière ! :)

nath said...

oh brilliant! i saw a great Martha Stewart recipe for making 'sweet bones' out of piped meringue. of course, i didn't make ANY. love the tablecloth drawings!

i have blogged your sweet cloud today *finally*!!

Anonymous said...

Love evrything about this, although I must admit that I'm not a big Halloween-fan... so commercial. But this, this is great. Love little doudou! Have a lovely week!

Lovely World said...

Spooky, spooky. Too much candy here! Just this evening, my daughter held a toothbrush in one hand while she put the last bite of candy in her mouth with the other.

alessandra said...

Thank YOU all :)

Nath, Marta recipe looks gorgeous but I'm not that confident...thanks gor your words dear and thanks for the parcel.

Lilli, this is the first year we celebrate H. and I'm not a big fan of it also we never had it in Italy when I was a kid, but I understand is such a fun festivity for the kids and so I tried to make it less commercial as possible, and I have to say it worked!
thanks :)

Lovely World: :D as long as they brush their teeth!

Zosia Ekiert said...