mixed feelings

Snow and cold winds, it's hard to get up in the morning.
How do you feel about Christmas?
With a little girl at home we can't escape it.
I wish I could ignore it totally and go somewhere were it doesn't exist!
I know, I sound like the Grinch.
; ^)

I love this


art project

Friday already?
I've been in a state of transition neither here nor there, but rushing everywhere.

I want to show you an art project I did a while ago, 
about the structural chaos of life and universe.
It's a "book" of 25 pages with photos I took with my analogical camera, drawings
and text.
 Irregular form, chances, mutations, entropy and fractals.



more nice things

What a buzz in the blogosphere these days, can you feel it?
Is the end of the year, time for re-newal? it seems so.
I wish I was a cat fish the new blog from Severine
and Fine new home.

We have received so many presents!
Little Christmas gnomes from Finland, from Maria, her sweet blog : Mamman Uuni
Thank you Maria!

A soft and beautifully made envelope, felted and made by Maria of exploding cucumber 
See this amazing felted house she made for her daughter here.
Prints and calendar from the talented illustrator Joanna Gwis,
see more of her work in her blog: Kavka.

And more from Christine and Nath!

Thank you all, we feel lucky.


winner and a magazine

As you might have noticed, I don't like catalogues but I do like magazines. 
Like many of you, I'm sure, I have to admit that I'm a magazine addict. 
I guess my mum started it (always blame the others) when as a child, on our way to the beach we always stopped at the newspaper kiosk to buy a magazine for her, "Corriere dei piccoli" for me, and some Marvel comics for my brother.
I don't have any subscription anymore, but still, if I go to a place were they sell magazines, I inevitably found myself browsing and surely coming back home with a couple of them ( after I paid for it of course).
Now, because glossy mags with unreal people, unrealistic dresses and homes, celebrities and must have don't work for me, I was delighted to discover amidst the shelves a new, at least to me, clever magazine and I have to say that I'm hooked now :

Congratulations to Paul and Paula, you won the cloud, please email me your details and I will send it to you.

Thank you all for playing.

Now I'll go to read my mag and drink my coffee.
Good day.



It's dark, cold and windy here on this side of the world.
I hope it's only an atmospheric condition.
Keeping the good work and the heart warm.

Today is the last day to enter the cloud giveaway.
I didn't expect so many people, thank you.

British wool



Good Monday.
Yesterday I went to London to the Midcentury Modern, were Fanja, Sally and Liz
were exhibited and sold their lovely creations.It was quite interesting to see the crafters and the traders together;  I must say that the crafts exhibited there were perfect with the sleek and simple shapes of modernist furniture.
This is the last trend isn't it? Although for many of us it has been a way of life well before the glossy magazines were dictating the fashion...I mean buying vintage furniture,which is eco friendlier, cheaper and  more unique than high street stuff and making our own things or buying hand made pieces.
I'm not even going to start about the aversion I'm developing to catalogues that sell ready made lifestyle (sadly fishing around in crafters blogs!)...but that is another story I will -eventually- talk about it in the future.
Right, digressions and polemics aside...

Browsing around I also found Carole Daprey book Mobilier design pour enfant which is a must have if you love vintage furniture for kids, in fact it is now in my Christmas wish list (aside with a  Lewis).

At the show I feasted my eyes with lots of vintage pieces but I found that the prices were staggering!
(sorry no photos as the place was cramped and very difficult to take decent shots).

The show is hosted each year in Dulwich College. A very expensive hence quiet and clean area in south London, with little boutiques, tea rooms, beautiful houses and people that seem to come out from Ralph Lauren adverts...a bit intimidating and funny at the same time as they all look tall, blonde (fake or not) and oh so posh... OK, is Monday and I am being polemic today!

It rained all the time but it was nice to go and meet Fanja again.

Collectables: Les éditions piqpoq

Unhappy Hipsters (via Séverine )

Don't forget to play the cloud give away: up until Wednesday 17 November, the winner will be announced Thursday, 18 November. 

(photo below Waterloo bridge London)




la casita is One year today, time for a giveaway,
cloud from the last series.

To enter, leave a comment in this post, 
the winner will be chosen by a random number service and announced Thursday, november 18.
Good luck!


sleepy cloud

A new addition in the shop, black and white gingham sleepy cloud 
(the pink and white is made to order only, contact me if you like one).

Anita is not feeling well so she's at home with me today.
Outside is cold, windy and rainy, we don't complain.


more clouds

Hello there,
hope you had a nice weekend
these clouds have been added in my webshop.



It's bonfire night here in UK and it's raining, so no fires.
Perfect evening to watch this

Ghostly white cyclamen

Have a good week end.



A new series of pillows.

(The clouds will be in the shop by the end of this week).
Cloud Head postcards are back at (SC) shop


nice things

Today is quite a good day:
first I received these two tea towels, handmade by Nathalie of The Lime Shop .
Nathalie and Diana are the duo behind the shop and blog.
They make handmade accessories, these tea towels for example are stenciled by hand,
I love the simplicity of the geometric patterns and the colours.
Thank You Nathalie!

My day has been also brightened up by this... thank you Wiebke and Irene!
Also have a look here in Wiebke beautiful home.

I have to say that being self employed
but things like these makes me happy and keep me motivated
Thank you.