nice things

Today is quite a good day:
first I received these two tea towels, handmade by Nathalie of The Lime Shop .
Nathalie and Diana are the duo behind the shop and blog.
They make handmade accessories, these tea towels for example are stenciled by hand,
I love the simplicity of the geometric patterns and the colours.
Thank You Nathalie!

My day has been also brightened up by this... thank you Wiebke and Irene!
Also have a look here in Wiebke beautiful home.

I have to say that being self employed
but things like these makes me happy and keep me motivated
Thank you.


3 sous un parapluie said...

Simples et beaux en effet ! Samantha

S. said...

J'aime beaucoup aussi :)

A Little Happier said...

This is a good choice! They are really nice :)

kavka said...

I agree, days like these are really good, receiving something beautiful, even the simplest thing is so amazing feeling. It makes me feel so happy and gives the proof that someone is thinking of me :-) The towels are great!

Lovely World said...

All this crafty sharing is just lovely. I would like those towels myself. A cheer in the kitchen or bath.

Kylie said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Alessandra! I love the tea towels too :) Kx

vera said...

beata ! quanti bei regali

Nathalie & Benita said...

thanks for the kind words alessandra! enjoy. : )