more nice things

What a buzz in the blogosphere these days, can you feel it?
Is the end of the year, time for re-newal? it seems so.
I wish I was a cat fish the new blog from Severine
and Fine new home.

We have received so many presents!
Little Christmas gnomes from Finland, from Maria, her sweet blog : Mamman Uuni
Thank you Maria!

A soft and beautifully made envelope, felted and made by Maria of exploding cucumber 
See this amazing felted house she made for her daughter here.
Prints and calendar from the talented illustrator Joanna Gwis,
see more of her work in her blog: Kavka.

And more from Christine and Nath!

Thank you all, we feel lucky.


S. said...

Mmmh joli joli tout ça ^^

Blogoland is changing, yes... or people ?

Thanks Alessandra, xx, S.

alessandra said...

Séverine, yes... people
{Les mitaines(et les mains, je suppose) sont Liivia Sirola}.
avec plaisir
: )

Janis said...

How do you manage to find so many great things? Love all your goodies and looking forward to following the links. Thanks Alessandra xo

naa said...

oh lucky you... everything is so cute!
I hope you're having a lovely Monday... I worked hard in our future house today so I am now totally tired... It's nice to lay down and check out all the beautiful posts...

fanja said...

oh those gnomes.. et ces mitaines
yes we can feel it is the end of the year and yet there's so much to do before it finishes, hope you had a good Monday x

christine said...


Louve said...

very nice !

Anonymous said...

its indeed the time of year, I feel it too. :) shall I, I wonder..
thanks for the links.

Louise said...

Oh, wow! Your postman HAS been busy! Such pretty things

Anonymous said...

It's all very nice. I think I feel a little envious. Thanks so much Alessandra.
M Mira

n said...

These illustrations are beautiful and soft envelope is so sweet!! Great for x'mas gift....

Alexandra Macedo said...

Beautiful envelope and everything... from Maria!