It's dark, cold and windy here on this side of the world.
I hope it's only an atmospheric condition.
Keeping the good work and the heart warm.

Today is the last day to enter the cloud giveaway.
I didn't expect so many people, thank you.

British wool


keetee said...

This side(Thailand),too bright,too hot so I wish we have a little cold wind here,at least...it's winter,right?
Keep warm^^

S. said...

The same here, after many beautiful days...
Nice wool, what are you knitting ?
Have a good day, S.

alessandra said...

Séverine, that's the wool I use to stitch the clouds, I'm crocheting actually...

gini said...

yep i've got one of these still don't know what to do with it!!!
love from berlin

alessandra said...

gini, what?
...do you have the wool?
hope everything is fine in Berlin, lucky you!

Lollipop said...

lovely shot!
for you too, my dear!