A enthusiasm is contagious, so here I am preparing for the festivities.
I like to keep everything as much simple (and easy) as possible.
The Advent Calendar is made with little brown paper envelopes and these stamps.
But next year I will follow her example:  this is the coolest a.c. I ever seen around, 
oh and this one too, from vdj blog. (But please, if you have other suggestions send me the link).
The seasonal cold hit me too.
I will stay warm at home this weekend: which after all is a good thing, because I can't stop
to knit this scarf with beautiful baby alpaca dk (and I have some work to finish... finally).

What's your plan for the weekend?

Whatever you do I wish you a nice saturday.
Keep warm if you live on this side of the world,
stay cool to the others.


S. said...

Everything's perfect Alessandra :)
I planed a bit of shopping, baking some cakes for friends, knitting maybe, writing and doing nothing for the major part.
Bises et bon week end !

Unknown said...

I am into knitting as well...again... the winter. the season, my need for handmade and I love baby alpaca...it just makes you going on and on and on...
Happy week end and white greetings from Amsterdam

Janis said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun things to keep you busy while sniff-sniffing :^)

I know what you mean, the holiday enthusiasm is contagious...the little white twinkling lights downtown suddenly got me in the mood!

(oh, saw that you might be looking for the advent tins via BCS... I think I saw them at Ikea.)

Feel better soon, stay warm, and have fun with all your projects - xo

gina said...

Baking cookies.
Making lists and checking them twice.
Picking out a tree.
Finishing more surprise balls.
Shipping some "care" packages to our
children away at college.
One more cup of coffee!

alessandra said...

Hi there : )
nice and quiet for you too!
Severine, writing? I'm curious now :))
Gina, surprise balls and "care" packages sound really nice to me.

Kim Baise said...

i love the gray knitting, beautiful! i must learn how to knit!!!

Maria said...

We are going to celebrate my 18 years old daugther tomorrow.And so many nice cristmas secrets in the air..So lovely here again
♥ Maria

naa said...

Hi dear! I've spent my afternoon in Gorica (Gorizia) in Italy... I visited St. Andrea's fair... I haven't visited it since I was a kid so it was nice... very festive actually! :)
I was in Ljubljana on Friday so my weekend is a bit busy and hectic but I'm planning to have a really lazy Sunday... how about you?

oh and I love your handmade calendar... brown paper always turns out great no matter how you use it, huh? (I am really fond of it)

Chocolates are amazing, I hope they are delicious as well...

and your knitting is always fantastic!

hugs bugs!

blue china studio happy said...

Hello! Thank you for mentioning my advent calendar. You are so sweet. Wish I was the creative genius behind but I was not...

Hope you feel better soon, love your knitting project and really like your advent calendar with the envelopes. I love brown paper and stamps, it always turns out looking great.

Today we went to get our Christmas tree. Yay!

alessandra said...

Naa, it seems that you had a very nice we.
I had a very lazy Sunday, we are all unwell so we ended up on the sofa watching Ponyo (we are great fans of Studio Ghibli productions).

blue china studio, you are welcome.
thank you : )

Unknown said...


A Little Happier said...

What amazing chocolates you have!
Your wood looks really sweet! For now I'm still working on a shawl!
For this week-end, my plan was only to recover and attend a yoga session! It was great!

Lu said...

E i cioccolatini sono simpaticissimi!

HomeCollection. said...

oh i love this advent calendar!!

Isabelle said...

nice advent calendar ... and these chocolates are so cute

kristina - no penny for them said...

this is the prettiest advent calendar i've seen in a long time - so good!