Remember this one?
Now I have a pair 


nice things

Another place were I like to go when I'm in London is the Japan Centre.
I can treat myself with some tea and food, and I can buy magazines and cute stuff
(why Japanese have always the cutest stuff ever?).



the penguin is one of Fliss creatures



sometimes a good haircut is all what you need! 
(no it is not true, but it helps).



Went to London  where I met Christine, had  cream tea at Liberty,
because we are ladies.
Had a good time, she's a nice girl.
It is always a bit strange to meet in person the people behind blogs.

I've found some lovely fabrics.

Thanks for your words in the previous post. No, I didn't wear that top.


actions on my life and my wardrobe

Knitted with kidsilk haze.

Like my hair, they use to be always messy,
I have a fringe and they are straight, much better now.

Tomorrow I'm off to London to buy fabrics and meet Christine.


fen and ned

I'm quite chuffed because the baby clouds are now available on sale at Fen and Ned shop.
Not only that, they were also chosen by Sarah and her lovely daughter (aka Fen and Ned)
as a product to be donated to a charity called Sense, an organization that works with children that are both deaf and blind.
I made the first baby cloud when Anita was a baby, I love clouds and whatever is cloud shaped.
I wanted to make something  to reassure her at night time and to bring with her when we are travelling and so "baby cloud" was born. Then I wanted to spread the love and started to make them for others. Since the first prototype, it has evolved and now has rosy cheeks and a little house embroidered which is the symbol of my love for my daughter, as she brought me a so much needed balance and serenity in my life.
Hope they will go sold out soon, it means a lot!
Thank you Sarah.



My basket is full of projects, my mind too.
To ease a bit I sing along 



This pesky mouse likes to hide (unlike this one).
Sometimes he sleeps in a suitcase full of treasures,
sometimes he's in my cupboard among the crockery.

My collection of woods is ever growing. 


socks freak

These days it's all about knitting socks.
I finally  finished one sock.


and more nice things

Christmas presents for A

Junzo Terada's punch-out animals (here)
Bobo Choses top (here)
Jellyfish brooch and a beautiful penguin (who deserves its own post)
from Fliss (here).
Italian shoes (because I can't help it, but they are far better than the ones in UK).
She's a very lucky girl, I know.



Grey sky.
I'm wandering around with body and with mind.
Time for reflections.

I like:


nice things

A ray of sunshine.
Thank you Ana ,queen of wrapping.


lost things

These days I keep loosing things, yet to re-found them in strange places...
Something to do with the fact that A is a chatterbox perhaps?
the holidays are finished and routine is re-established,
my ears can have a break and so my poor two neurons left in my brain.

But I have some nice news as my products will be sold soon in a bunch of lovely shops.

There are two clouds left in the webshop and they are now -50% from the original price,
also the last needle cases are on sale.

New stuffed pals are on the making and will be in the shop soon.

The house pillow made in collaboration with Ana Ventura is on the making too.


we can't bear (not) to eat a bear!

Once upon a time, a little bear came to spend the xmas holidays with us.
He looked sad, he knew he couldn't last longer in this house.
Poor bear, but it was good.


dark days

A little sparkle is all what is needed to brighten even the darkest day.
Mum you are missed a lot and I'm telling to all who read this.