fen and ned

I'm quite chuffed because the baby clouds are now available on sale at Fen and Ned shop.
Not only that, they were also chosen by Sarah and her lovely daughter (aka Fen and Ned)
as a product to be donated to a charity called Sense, an organization that works with children that are both deaf and blind.
I made the first baby cloud when Anita was a baby, I love clouds and whatever is cloud shaped.
I wanted to make something  to reassure her at night time and to bring with her when we are travelling and so "baby cloud" was born. Then I wanted to spread the love and started to make them for others. Since the first prototype, it has evolved and now has rosy cheeks and a little house embroidered which is the symbol of my love for my daughter, as she brought me a so much needed balance and serenity in my life.
Hope they will go sold out soon, it means a lot!
Thank you Sarah.


Unknown said...

very nice post, so much love in it!
Happy week end and I am sure they will sell like hot buns :)

S. said...

oh yes so much love :)
Happy week end Alessandra !

Anonymous said...

That's marvellous, Alessandra!
I know for sure, life is NOT the same without a baby cloud in the house - we all LOVE ours.

Lovely weekend to you!
Lilli xox

Unknown said...

oh cute!

Maria said...

I love it♥

Louise said...

Oh, that is lovely news! I love your clouds, so sweet.

Line+Liv said...

Our home is enriched in love and clouds ... happy weekend
love Wiebke

auprès de mon arbre said...

Clouds and baby clouds as in my dreams.

fen and ned said...

Thank you beautiful lady! So happy to have the clouds (a certain someone keeps trying to get her hands on one!)
Lovely to hear how the baby cloud was born, you have a heart of gold!x

Kylie said...

They are so beautiful, Alessandra! I love your story about how they came into being :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Kx

jane said...

so precious!

naa said...

that is so great! Congrats dear, I am so happy for you! Your clouds are really special!***

alessandra said...

Thank you all, your words are so encouraging and so important to me!

jokemijn said...

congratulations! i hope many little children can grow up with a cloud like yours along their side :)

Bonjour Johanna said...

I really understand that it means a lot to you now. :)

I saw them on the blog of Little circus, and I really love them ;)