I just finished to knit a scarf, english mustard colour, peruvian wool almerino aran, 230cm long!
See other mustard scarves here and here.


Papier Mache printed issue



my colourful collection of vintage knitting needles 
more here


a new hat

In the week end I made a much needed chocolate, ginger & hazelnut cake
and I knitted a cable hat,
I saw it a while ago here and here, the pattern is from Linda LaBelle.

In the mood to bake a lemon drizzle cake today.
Very much needed in this grey and cold weather.



Half term holidays started today, we have ten days to relax. 
I'm trying to find fun ways to make her write and read without make it a burden,
We are big fans of Miffy.
Such a simple and stylish character, a good way to instill some sense of design to little kids
don't you think?

The baby clouds joined the Circus, thank you Morgane!



It's been ages since I started to make an album of photos for Anita and I only selected
some of the digital pictures I'd like to print.
I wanted to share this one with you, I shot it while we were on holiday in Spain three years ago.

Photo Albums I like: this, this,this, this and this.


in my bag

Here's what's in my bag (quite boring I have to admit)
I always carry with me, after I got stuck in London's tube a couple of times,
some sort of lavender stuff ,very soothing in case of panic or bad odours!
Umbrella, because with the English weather you never know...
Then I have water, mobile, and camera,
a book or some knitting projects.
I usually carry two bags, a small one with the content you see pictured and a big carry all
for the rest and the shopping.

To play along: DOS Family and here


La Casita de Wendy

One of my clouds is on one of the photos of the new collection (Wuthering Heights)
I have a very big smile now, I love their creations.
Thank you.

* photo: Elena Grimaldi
Photo: Elena Grimaldi



I don't like chewing gum but this one make me smile (and it tastes ok).



The garlands and a very limited edition of pink clouds are now in Line+Liv shop.
Thank you Wiebke.

* photo by Wiebke



Thinking of summer,
enough of winter.
I made this top.

The heating is fixed, 
the bill was painful.



Delicious and tasty teas from Spain.
Thank you  Anna.


D forgot to check the oil in the heating system,this house has an obsolete and rather crazy heating system . First we run out of oil and then it broke down because of that.

I'ts cold here and I wear a puff jacket at home!