I made this for the shop,
she made a paper bunny doll.


with paper and glue

The Easter school break here it's quite long,
which is good but not if you are stuck at home.
Luckily we have a lot of paper to play with.
A made collages.


Columbia Road

I was in London to meet friends from Spain,
it was three years since we last saw each other, lots to catch up.
We went to East London, had a lovely time away from the high
street chaos, browsing lovely shops. Had the best Italian food
n a little deli and a coffee break in a truly vintage tea room placed
in the back of a vintage shop and family run, it was almost like being in their home.
One of  my favourite part of London, with independent shops, cafes, flower market.


Guide of independent shops in London


snip snip snip

Having fun with 
japanese paper, 
and glue.


little DIY

A little craft idea for parties:
tiny flags, cute looking on fairy cakes or sandwiches.
Easy to make with toothpicks and japanese washi tape.
(see also here how I used masking tape).


6 today ♥

Good Monday.
Anita's birthday party was lovely but I don't think I will do a big party again! ;^)
So far we didn't have any tantrums, sugar highs were contained
and we had just a couple of minor casualties.
Mums had fun drawing and making origami with the kids (better say for the kids),
draw on tablecloths is very appealing to kids and it makes a great keepsake for you.
Competitive games make only unhappy bambini 
I banned them from our parties, unless everyone win something.
I had lots of wonderful helpers and little leftovers,
I hate food waste but home made is quite appreciated.
Keep it simple: brownies, popcorns,
mini pizzas, cheese sandwiches and little fairy cakes
are easy to make and easy to eat.

Biodegradable balloons
Shape Maker 


(almost) ready

Little miss A will turn 6 years old soon.
26 kids as guests for her big party ....eeek, I must be crazy.
There are treat bags to be finished, 
metres of bunting to be sewns 
and lots of baking to do.

It's sunny and lovely and now I'm off 
slaving  to make stuff for the party.



I feel a bit under the weather



the winner

Congratulations Emmanuelle, you won the raffle!