Columbia Road

I was in London to meet friends from Spain,
it was three years since we last saw each other, lots to catch up.
We went to East London, had a lovely time away from the high
street chaos, browsing lovely shops. Had the best Italian food
n a little deli and a coffee break in a truly vintage tea room placed
in the back of a vintage shop and family run, it was almost like being in their home.
One of  my favourite part of London, with independent shops, cafes, flower market.


Guide of independent shops in London


C SATHAL said...

You make me want :)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I love Columbia Road and the little knock door fox is super cute, I'm pretty sure its from Anthropologie

Louve said...

I love East London !! many thanks for the guide ;-) and your last photo, the blue door with the fox, is fantastic !!

Neus said...

Ohh I want to go there too! cool photos!

Janis said...

LOVE your new header (you've got a designer's eye)
LOVE London (I wish you and I could skip around the hoods together)
...and LOVE the door knocker.

Happy Monday Alessandra - X

We Blog Artists said...

LOVE the fox knocker!
And my top cupboard is filled with those Coffee cups(bought from Conrans over 7 years ago...and transported ALL the way over here to Canada)out of reach from my 2 sweethearts!
Pleased you had fun with old friends!

Mimii said...

Thank you for the guides :)
And your pics are beautiful ! (I never know if I can write in french or not ... LOL)

Cassandra Dias said...

Sounds like a fun time! I love that last photo of the little fox over the peep hole!

Anna said...

Ohh you've changed the header!how beautiful!
have a lovely easter!

alessandra said...

Helena, thanks I don't know but surely it is cute!
Janis, thank you dear : )))
Mimii, you can write in french if you prefer, I do understand it (or at least I think so :^)) but my written french is a disaster! merci.
Thank you all, your words make me happy!

RATZER said...

thanks for the guide, are going in september for the Design Festival with avantGarden.
Nice blog by the way :)

Trula said...

This was also one of my favourite parts of London. Thanks for the photos. I sometimes wonder what its like there now.

fanja said...

i feel like going for a wander right now..

isa said...

One of my best friend had just shifted there ... I hope to visit soon

keetee said...

I falling for the brass fox!

isabelle said...

i love these cups!!

cocon said...

love love this fox!!!

gracia said...

I love that handsome fox door knocker. I have seen one on a green door on my walks locally and I wish said fox would follow me home and guard my door.